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The Tnfrhs 32-Refrigerated wagon takes us once again “down memory lane”. This “cool” fellow was built from 1936 and was in service for many decades. In 1981 his voyage finally came to a sudden halt and the Tnf Rhs 32 was allowed to paint the rails red for the last time. The refrigerated wagons received numerous modifications during their long life in service and carried diverse goods from fish to meat.
The Tnfrhs 32-Refrigerated wagons have many years of service on the clock. Don’t let yourself be fooled by their old age, though: we have equipped our digital model with many new cutting-edge materials as a matter of course to add a more realistic look. A new detailed axle as well as numerous difficult superstructures beneath the wagon round off the model.
You can customise your Tnfrhs 32-Refrigerated car. Apart from the DB and the DR version you can also transport numerous beers so that you never grow tired. In addition, there are various colours for you to choose from. Thus, there are countless possible combinations! Needless to say, our wagon moreover comes along with sophisticated brandnew sound effects on your PC.
-Tnfrhs 32 refigerator wagon
-High resolution textures
-Customizable vehicle colors (4 colors)
-Customizable roof colors (3 colors)
-Customizable beer liveries, including Bananas, DB and DR scheme (11 liveries)
-Realistic sound including coupler and brake sounds
-Visible European UIC coupling
-Visible UIC wagon numbers
-Sophisticated lettering
-Trainz industry support
-Support for seasons
-Interactive help system included
-Designed for T:ANE
-Session for Niddertalbahn included
-English and German language support
-visible end of train plates

The OSM file for this map contains lots of details:


textures in this map


Features Key:

  • Open World – Explore a vast floating island inhabited with a population of hundreds of character
  • Detective Mystery – Strange and familiar environments consist of a large and also busy city, ancient underground dungeons and rich educational institutions
  • Detective Story – However cryptic
  • the experience will still satisfy even the most demanding players!

Game features:

  • Investigate in open-world around the city, forest and underground
  • Meet large number of diverse characters including children, policemen, scientists, scientists, artists, etc.!
  • Detect strange and familiar impressions: caves, mountains, alps, and snowfields, meteorite, mysterious poppies, strange plant-like creatures, flowers, to name just a few.
  • From a few minutes to a few hours (including Career mode)
  • Fixed, marked and robust citizen AI system
  • User-friendly tutorials and achievement system
  • Hundreds of puzzles, hidden statues, and clues to find
  • Many collectibles (including Game Over world maps)
  • Voice of the character – played by the well-known actor Alexander Nikolaev
  • 3D environment
  • Extensive Inventory system including dozens of tool-objects and super weapons
  • You can pick up hundred of objects and weapons like large coins, amazing satellite and satellite maps, to name just a few
  • Boat and flying camera mode
  • Feature card system
  • Unique soundtrack


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BeachHead is a classic, complex and highly addictive urban combat simulator with over 30 years of gaming history. “BeachHead is the best simulator of its kind”, said a magazine, “”The best fast-paced shooter of its kind”, said another magazine, “One of the best strategy games of its kind”, a third. “Great from the very first aspect”, says the user version of the game. “A pure classic of the genre”, said one of the magazines, “You will not find anything like this anywhere else”. (quote from recent years).
BH has also been a staple product of the gaming industry and has earned the reputation as one of the most successful simulation game series. BeachHead games have taken many different forms, including: arcade versions (DOS/Windows/Mac/Linux), action games (iPad), and strategic games (MAME). This is the twenty first anniversary of the game and we are celebrating it with a complete upgrade of the original masterpiece and of the game play, and with a sea of new possibilities.
BeachHead BeachHead Classic Survival is a technically impressive, addictive and highly satisfying graphic simulation game of intense urban warfare with military bases, secret underground military bases and huge naval battles against AI. As a frontline combat trainer, in a hostile enemy territory you must carry out a mission which is to occupy and conquer the enemy bases. But, don’t forget that in the naval war the defeat of the enemy is not an easy and straightforward thing!


Ever wanted to fire a flack cannon against an airplane? It’s in the game and you can learn how.

If you are a competent swimmer in the beach and the ocean, then you can take out the boats and torpedos at the beach, too.

You can start a campaign with your friends, play in cooperative mode against the AI, and trade items. The city has modern vehicles that you can drive, like


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Lazarus_Lab presents Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!

MP066 Mission Pack 066.

He is the hero of this new mission pack 066 Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!.

After 15 years he is still in service to

the Navy. Now this job has gone on one side and must needs to new orders. He must be very smart to live after the next 15 years to discover what has happened to this order.

The year is 1931. Germany has reascended to power with the support of the Weimar Republic. In the old days of World War I, the German army and navy had seized the German coast from Alsace-Lorraine to the North Sea. From the Gulf of Finland in the east, to the Adriatic Sea in the south. The territory was divided into an A and a B zone, which was occupied by the Germans and each other. Only the Dutch remained in their territorial waters. In both zones, the German occupiers had issued a trade embargo, and in all countries of the world, there was no longer any contact with German territory. A fact which caused increasing concern in Europe, as the economic situation continued to deteriorate.

Germany had already made progress toward the project of its return to power. While not openly proclaiming a war against the democracies, from the time that he ascended to power, he prepared for the war in an increasingly militarist way. The national unity that had been broken on November 9, 1918, had come apart completely. Almost overnight, Germany went from being a great and peaceful nation to being the enemy of all the great powers. It remained that way for more than four years, until the Treaty of Versailles. But not before Germany had reached its military strength and seized the global hegemony of the German empire. It was not Germany’s victory that was the most important factor in the economic collapse, but the German Chancellor, The Fuhrer, had expanded the nation’s military budgets without regard to economic restrictions or caution. Without a naval fleet, Germany was only able to maintain itself economically at a high level with a constant surplus of foodstuffs and raw materials for its industrial production. This situation was under threat from the end of the first year.

On March 23, 1921, the Chancellor ordered the construction of an airship carrier, the Fuehrer, so that the German airship fleet would be prepared for war at any time. By the end of


What’s new:

BATTLETECH Heavy Metal is an Iron Man tabletop role-playing game (RPG) created by FASA and Hasbro.

Publication history
The game was first published in the United Kingdom as Iron Man: The Roleplaying Game in August 1983, then Iron Man: The Roleplaying Game for the United States in 1985.

Goals and Setting
The setting for the game draws on science-fiction culture and science. The Roleplaying Game is set in a futuristic United World where mankind has colonised space. As with many science-fiction settings, the setting creates vast worlds with no limitations on the imagination to explore. In the year 2115, a powerful race of androids known as ‘Tanks’ has emerged, threatening to dominate the world. ‘Space Marine’ androids of enormous military might known as the Space Marines (SM), combat Tanks and other machines. The gameplay revolves around a series of conflicts which describe the player’s choices as they control a character in campaigns which usually span the course of a single story or scenario, or until its conclusion.

An additional product called BattelTech: BattleArmor Action Pictures (BATAP) allows the player character to be viewed inside the game. While in game, a player view of the world usually shows SM vehicles engaged in combat. When a real-time combat event occurs, it briefly switches to the real-time view of the characters. The player can then direct the action by issuing commands to his units.

Gameplay Mechanics
The rules contain the complete rule system of everything a player needs to play. The game uses a combination of statistics and mechanics (also known as “role-play systems”) and a number of different skill systems and special abilities. The game provides Mechanics for all aspects of batteling and combat, as well as player characters and light vehicles as well as Tanks.

The games mechanics provide a fair number of variations to combat and movement (e.g. movement is not limited to 4 tiles) so that individual players will have to concentrate on what aspects of combat they like best and to look after their desired aspects in favour against others.

This game uses a strategic-simulation style role-playing game without a campaign system that makes it possible for the players to control the outcome of each session. The result is a world completely open to the player and his actions. An additional layer of complexity comes with the fact that the players do not compete against each other but collaborate with each other through a


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Want to play a territory management game that is easy to pick up and play?

Would you like strategic warfare, the potential to do massive damage?

Do you like a variety of unit types that can specialize in varied tactics?

This is the real time strategy war game you have been waiting for.

Action is Turn Based. This means all actions in the game are decided at once, rather than every turn. The CPU will move units and place buildings in your territory, but you will have the entire turn to decide the moves.

Each turn can be split up and more than one territory can be controlled. You can have many bases under your control, and progress through the game by expanding your front.

With the strategic level of action and the turn based mode, this is the real time strategy that will keep you riveted!

*All Units in the Same Territory

Like in real world military, all units in the same territory are treated as if they are a big force. This unit cooperation is essential to building an effective army.

*Multiple Bases

Landing troops in more than one place can be very beneficial, but also risky. The first base is the home for your units.

*Detailed Buildings

Each unit has the ability to construct buildings in its territory. These will start generating units as soon as they are built.

*Capital Territory

A single territory, but one for each faction. The capital is where your own troops are, as well as a resource generator.

*Attack Turn Based

Each faction has a military camp for unit formation, and is ready for action. You have the entire turn to decide where to place them, and when.

*Accessible Controls

A streamlined interface for easy navigation. All controls are present and accessible.

*Easy Game Strategy

If you have played XCom, you will feel right at home.

*Genuine Real Time Strategy Action

The nations are fighting for survival, building their armies is a matter of life and death.

*Strategic Warfare

This is a real time strategy game, but you can build up your forces and annihilate your enemy in one shot.

*Strategic Depth

Early on, you will see the world map and learn the relationships


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    System Requirements For GrayScale_SoundTrack:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit)
    CPU: 2 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB
    Graphics: DirectX 9
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    CPU: 3 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB


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