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Frontiers Reach is an arcade flight combat game set in the Frontier’s Reach Universe. A universe where humanity has taken its first steps into the stars and begun to establish colonies across hundreds of worlds from the most habitable to the most hostile. Players will assume the role of a fighter pilot serving in the privateer fleet of the Republic of Frontier Worlds where human’s from every culture and tongue have come to seek opportunity and an escape from the corrupt Sol Confederacy of Planets.
The Gameplay of Frontiers Reach will see the player skip the long trips between locations and drop right into the action. Taking on Sorties players will be tasked with completing singular goals that have a high degree of difficulty. While on Patrols players can pilot their starfighter around areas filled with obstacles and secrets where barnstorming will be the only way to get the prize. And Campaign missions will keep the story moving forward and unlock new and interesting starfighters and weapons for the player to use.
Create your character with the recently added character creator. Your image and callsign of choice will show up in conversations.
Talk to characters between missions on the new observation deck lounge area to get access to missions that can only be obtained through conversations with NPC’s.
The Starfighters of Frontiers Reach are old and rugged but more than a fit for the jobs they fill out in the frontier worlds. Players can currently select between 4 of them and will have the ability to fit different weapon systems to their starfighters to meet the needs of each mission they take on. (Weapons selection is currently undergoing major overhaul and has been disabled until further notice)
Outfit Your Starfighter and tweak performance parameters within various ranges to achieve the desired performance you want out of a starfighter.
Customize the Color of your starfighter of choice as well as pattern and choose a squadron emblem to make your starfighter truly yours.

Available for you to explore are the many secrets hidden all over the Frontier! Flying from planet to planet, you’ll discover and unlock over 50 hidden star-systems and incredibly varied gameplay options. In the spirit of space exploration, you’ll discover an ever-changing galaxy filled with secrets, challenges, and incredible rewards!
* Feel like a true starship pilot in an open-world galaxy
* Solve, shoot and steal in a massive sandbox galaxy
* Explore and battle across enormous star systems
* Discover, unlock and pilot iconic ships
* Hundreds of missions to complete
* Meet and interact with a diverse cast of characters
* Collecting, upgrading


Hell Let Loose € Lethal Tide DLC Features Key:

  • Challenge your friends through text messaging!
  • Special trivia provided by Intellihub.


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Armada 1588 is the story of the Spanish Invincible Armada created by King Philip II to crush Elizabethan England.
The Armada must meet the land forces at the Battle of Gravelines in Flanders, then at the Battle of Gravelines in England.
The English forces are led by Admiral Howard and the English fleet by Sir Francis Drake.
King Philip is immensely strong, with an enormous army.
Nevertheless, the Armada is a complex thing to simulate: ships, artillery, firing ranges, cannons, armaments etc. On the other hand, the Armada maneuvers are simple to apply and respond to.
Armada 1588 follows the cycles of events as they happen and their immediate consequences.
On one side, the Armada will be forced to rest in ports or at anchor for repairs, but it will be ready in two weeks to attack by sea.
This movement allows the Armada to deal with weather conditions and the English to safely retreat to their coast.
On the other side, the English admiral can have the weather and the time to advance and crush the Armada.
At each time a turn of Armada 1588 is played, both Armada and English will have orders. Armada orders are represented by cards that specify the course, size, speed etc.
The English has a simple order system where the English King gives his order (Move, Attack, Battle orders) and is followed by the Admiral.
Playing the Orders Cards
The Armada will have a first order card, for instance “Sail to sea” when the Armada is already at sea and the English doesn’t have orders to attack. It will be followed by the second Armada order card “Move to X for X hours” and so on.
The English may take into account the Armada orders. If the English player presses “Attack”, the English Admiral may reinforce the order with another “Attack” card.
When the Armada reaches the English coast, a “Battle” order card of the Armada will be played by the English.
The English will reinforce this “Battle” order with another one of the same type.
After the English meets the Armada, Armada is forced to re-deploy in another port.
Both Armada and English will be allowed to place their troops on the battlefield at certain points during the turn.
British troop positioning is difficult, due to the ports and the rough seas which can’t be controlled


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It is possible that the planet you’re flying to is inhabited by the local eco-system, so make sure that your security shield can deal with a certain amount of fire and hostile animals, there will be animals in some of the worlds, even if they’re not suitable for human habitation. If you pass through animal protection zones, you will be allowed to land and take some samples, but take care not to give off to much of a disturbance, the peaceful life can be disturbed by a little too much excitement, and it is possible to accidentally shoot someone in the process. If you pass through a national border, you must have diplomatic access, otherwise your ship can be impounded, there will also be minefields, which take time to deactivate. Once activated, the minefield will be live for a period of time, and those within it must turn away from your ship for a certain period of time before they can clear it. If you pass through a minefield you will be able to deactivate it by going to the Geosystems screen, and selecting ‘deactivate minefield’. If you fail to deactivate the minefield, you will be forced to abandon the area and will not be able to return. Also, if you exceed the max pressure and max temperature of a planet’s shield, your shield will automatically go down. Be careful when doing a space descent, once you set the thrust to zero and press the landing key, a radio signal will be sent out for about 30 seconds. This signal is being broadcast from a ground station, which can detect the approach of your ship, as well as home in on your ship’s radio. The precise direction and distance your ship is from the ground station can be detected, it is advised that you stay a good distance from it, and if you are close you may be caught in the crossfire. It is important to have shields on your ship during the landing, because if you cannot reach your emergency reserve before you land, you will have to land at full thrust, and if you land at full thrust, you risk losing a fair amount of life from oxygen starvation. You may have to land in a desert area or even a sea, which can be very dangerous. Also, the hypergravity generator will put you in low gravity mode for as long as it is on, you may wish to give it a try. Oh, and keep your gun charged, the enemies can be very tricky and aggressive.

Main Menu:

-Main Menu:


What’s new:

land shows off her latest haul for the RTÉ reveal, in the shape of a “Barbie” lunchbox. Pic: Ger McKenna

Fishing is one thing – the best fishing areas and tips to beat the locals. But Coronado and Anna Maria Smith customise a freshwater yacht, as captain and carpenter, and sail it to a series of lakes and rivers all over the world. These yachters use their boats to indulge in all sorts of adventures including scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, and touring the beaches of Mexico, Fiji, Indonesia and Thailand.

When they’re not whiling away, Coronado and Anna Maria are usually very busy with the making of “Simply Cheese”, their flagship cable knit cork mat for sport fish tackle boxes. We meet at their office in Clonakilty, where this week’s yachts are being built.

“We’re having an eye on the final cost so we’re not charging customers for the time it’s going to take,” says crew member Ryan, one of the boat’s oldest sailors. “No rush, all hands to the wheel.”

“Anna Maria Smith is our final project; it’s the level she’s on. But while it’s going down, we’re all on it.”

The yachts are also fitted out with kitchens and nautical amenities, including portholes. Anna Maria is particularly keen on the cutlery she had designed from clay molds by an Italian artist she personally met.

“It’s a pizza pan, a pasta sauce pan. It’s an amazing invention and I’ve encouraged everyone to make a few to put in their boats.”

The 38-year-old winemaker and fashion designer built small, handcrafted fishing boats with her girlfriends in Ireland, and bought both her current vessels to inspire her clients – leading Scottish designer Natalie Molloy from the Scottish Highlanders to use Coronado and Anna Maria Smith to spirit her around their Scottish coastal fishing spots.

“I have a huge passion for yachting and believe yachting is for everyone, my style of sailing is the red-eye alternative, catching fish off-shore before returning in the evening.

“But we share a love of sailing across the skies and in the waters.” The Coronado is from a Scottish company, XCO, which is currently building a fleet of six 40ft boats in Hamilton, and the Anna Maria


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Inked is the story of an artist who lost her mother to cancer and her family life. Left alone she has to survive without the love, support, and care she always got from her mother. Inked is a puzzle game with unique visual art style and perspective for the players, with emotionally touching story and deeper meaning. It has hand-drawn illustrations, with emotions of existential questions, hope, love, desire, and loss. Inked is different in a way that every solution involves the player to draw a ‘line’ on the puzzle. And one mistake may be fatal for the future of the game.
Inked takes you through a beautifully hand-drawn narrative while being a strategically designed puzzle game. Make your own pieces of art while progressing through the story. Turn the lights off, watch the sun rise or fall behind the clouds. You are in the game the way you want to feel.
Key Features:
Hand-drawn illustrations with unique art style
Intelligent and strategic puzzle design
Unique art style
Diverse storyline and character development
Rage-inducing game-play
High production value
Do not worry, you are not the first one; the game is officially called Papercraft.
Minimum Recommended Spec:
Device with widescreen display
Android Version:
All Android versions are based on a Java Virtual Machine, they run on any kind of Android device. However, most Android phones still cannot run the heavy processing power of a mobile computer such as a tablet. The recommended system requirements are:
* 2GB of RAM
* Dual core processor
* Android 2.2 or higher
The initial release of Inked is supported on the following mobile devices:
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Thank you for buying my game! 🙂
I’m working hard on the sequel to Inked, since then it will be almost ready to be released (in December).
Note: You can keep track of my progress on my blog, and the game will be released on December 14th.
I’ve got the following work to do, and you can help me:
– Finalizing the characters and the world and adding music
– Finishing the background story
– Adding the in-game soundtrack
– Adding a female character model, a tutorial, and optional tips
– Adding new graphics
If you want to help me, I would be glad to


How To Crack Hell Let Loose € Lethal Tide DLC:

  • How To Install: It's so simple, just click "Extract files" and it will download files to your PC unzip it. This is a portable game.
  • Install game: Take off the case of the disc and insert into the appropriate slot of the CD-ROM drive of your computer. To open or close the DVD case: Insert the DVD case and then remove it.
  • Extract game: Click "Extract files" button to make the entire game contained in a single folder. Install Game, also supported for Windows 95, 98 and 98SE.
  • Download Game 7:

    Game 7 Soccer: a sci-fi soccer tale

    How To Play Game 7:

    • Gameplay: You can throw the ball or kick it, press "Thru" button when you find space. Gameplay is pretty simple.
    • Controls: You can jump, press "C" button to change the direction of your player, then press "A" button. You can spin kick the ball or slide on your own.
    • Many more: you can sprint, you can run, you can pass, as well as many other things.

    Game 7 Soccer: a sci-fi soccer tale (game details)

    Game 7 Soccer: a sci-fi soccer tale game release date: 10.11.2013

    Game 7 Soccer: a sci



    System Requirements:

    Windows 10 compatible or higher

    1GHz processor or greater
    512MB RAM or higher
    Minimum 1GB free disk space
    Disclosure: I am a Computer Sciences student in Beijing. I am not earning money from this review, nor do I have any relation to the game developer. This post is an unbiased and honest opinion about Migo. Thank you for reading.
    Migo is a virtual reality combat game which allows the player to run around in a 3D maze and protect oneself from multiple enemies. The game is powered by Armavn, an open source



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