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Roblox is an online game platform that is free to play. Roblox allows users to program their own games, but a programming license is also required, which includes a yearly subscription fee. Roblox allows for web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone games, in addition to desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Roblox first served as a place for children to create and play games in 2006. It began as a platform where children could create games, including role-playing games, puzzles, and action games. To date, the service has been a source of over a dozen games, including the popular children’s television series The Lion Guard. Roblox was unique in that it allowed for multiple forms of entertainment, which in contrast to other video game platforms (such as Apple and Microsoft’s own Game Center) were text-based and required extensive programming, unlike traditional children’s educational toys.

While Roblox was not initially intended for children, it gradually grew in popularity among children as well as their parents, and by 2014, Roblox games accounted for over 10% of all Google Play downloads.

Its user base spiked in popularity in the second half of the 2010s, which was fueled by the release of the Roblox Studio visual programming tool and a 30% price increase. By August 2020, Roblox had more than 164 million monthly active users, including more than half of all American children under 16. It also has over 1.5 million monthly active developers (including children), and the service has been downloaded over 50 billion times.

Roblox is free to play; as of August 2020, Roblox had more than 164 million monthly active users, including more than half of all American children under 16.

In contrast to other video game platforms, Roblox features an in-game currency called Robux. Robux is used to purchase items in games. Robux can also be earned by playing games. In the past, it was possible to be banned from Roblox for spending real-world money in-game, but this has since been fixed. Robux can also be earned by donating to Roblox charities. Roblox’ in-game economy was originally based on the Marketplace, but it was later replaced with a virtual currency system.


Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Roblox released its first version in November 2004.

Through a license


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How Much Money Do You Need To Buy Roblox

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golang: how can i get json from a http.Get?

I am a begginer, sorry if the question is too simple.
I am trying to get json data from a http.Get, i tried the following code:
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but, i always get:


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Roblox Walkthrough

Find your favorite anime girl and make her your girlfriend. This is a quick overview of the basic stuff you need to do in order to level up as well as have the best girlfriend in the game.

I Love Animes

Best Anime Characters

How To Get A Girlfriend

Download the game and open it. Once you have played for at least a few minutes, it’s time to choose one of the three versions of yourself and play. There’s always one version of yourself that wants to get the girl.

Fight For The Girl

The girl will show you a picture of her favorite anime character. It might take a few tries, but with practice you can become very good at finding the one that is right for you. Then you are supposed to leave.

How To Get Money

When you first start playing, there’s very little to spend your robux on. The easiest way to make money is by fighting zombies. You can do this in the Cool Runnings Arena. You cannot use any boosts. You will, however, be able to run faster and jump higher.

Quick Walkthrough

Don’t fight every zombie in the ring. Remember, zombies only attack the first few seconds. While they are coming, avoid them and kill the other zombies first. That way, they don’t come near you while you kill more zombies.

When you have killed all the zombies in the arena, wait for them to respawn and fight a boss. With each boss that you kill, you can get more super items. Be careful when fighting bosses, as it gets more difficult each time.

Take note of the boss’s color. Once you have seen the color, you can then buy power-up items from the shop. However, this is not required. As long as you can escape from the boss and receive the reward, that is enough.

After you have enough super items, you should now try to complete the rest of the level. It’s not required to kill the main target, but it is a good idea. When you have everything, you can return to the Battle Arena and complete the game.

In the game, fight the zombies. Enemies will respawn very quickly, so be prepared for that. When you are finished fighting the entire Zombie Ring, you will then be able to fight the boss.

You will then need to fight a normal zombie. Finally, you will fight the boss


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We need free robux, but what should we do if our game gets banned, blacklisted or shut down?

It’s possible!

You can leave the games you play after they are no longer playable.

You may only keep the rare items that you earned or crafted and sell them or give them away.
You can always check on the game library and delete the game.

You may still keep the free robux you earned while playing the game.

You can do this in your personal Settings section, where you can delete your name and avatar from your game.
Note that this will destroy any items you’ve earned.
However, it will not affect your nickname and avatar, which are visible at the main Roblox screen.


If you log out before deleting your account, all of your accounts assets, including all of your items you’ve earned or crafted, remain on the game library.

It’s possible that you don’t have enough items to sell, so you can delete your account and let someone else play it.

First, you will want to add the Robux Mobile App on your Android or iPhone.

Robux is a currency that you can use to buy lots of really cool stuff on Roblox. It is the currency used by Players to pay for items in their Inventory. Think of it as In-game Cash.

Once the App is connected to your account, you can make Robux and use it to trade, sell and buy items.

In the next section, we are going to show you how to sell your used Robux for the highest possible amount of Gold. This will give you the most coins to trade with and make the most coins for buying Premium Upgrades.


Open your app and select Donate.

Enter the amount of Robux you want to donate.

Enter the amount of Gold you want to receive in return.

Select Ok.

Now, all you have to do is wait. You will receive the Gold you paid with.

This is really cool.

You can do the same thing on iOS.

Just select the Donate option.

Enter how many Robux you want to donate.

Enter the amount of Gold you want to receive.

Select OK and wait.

This is just like on Android.


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