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Roblox is a multi-platform video game development and gaming platform.[9] It offers its users an online development platform for creating video games and game apps.[10]
Roblox’s games are made from its own “Roblox Studio” application programming interface (API), which is an extensible game engine used to author games.[10]
The Roblox online game platform[1] was developed by software developer Roblox Corporation and was launched on May 2, 2006, as an online game development platform and game creator, and officially released in May of that year.[11] Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox Corporation was founded in November 2005.[12][13] Roblox’s first game, which is still being developed, is titled “Survivor Island”.[9] Created by thirteen students, the game was released in May 2006, and was downloaded more than 2.7 million times in its first week.[14] At release, it was free of charge to players, although there was a paid premium version.[13] Roblox’s initial goal was to allow users to create their own free online games.[15]
Roblox’s first videos of developers showed that Roblox’s development environment was easy to use for users to create their own games,[16] and its easy development process, alongside its free platform, has allowed Roblox to grow in popularity over the years.[16]
When Roblox’s application programming interface (API) was released in May 2006, it was created to allow users to create games with very little programming knowledge.[17] Users could create applications with development tools built into the API.[17] The API is now an extensible game development engine used for authoring games.[18]
Before January 2009, all of Roblox’s games were hosted on Microsoft Windows.[19] In September of that year, the Company announced their first planned launch for games on Mac OS X and Linux platforms.[19] The following month, the Company announced the release of a beta version of its own operating system for Roblox.[19]
The beta version of Roblox was released in November 2009, and as of August 2010, the operating system was only available on Windows PC.[19]
As of August 2010, Roblox’s users make up 80% of developers of all games on the platform.[20] As of July 2016,


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The generator is incredibly simple to use, and provides an interface that shouldnt take much time to get used to. There are a few things youll need to know about to get started.

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Roblox Cheats: How To Earn Infinite Robux/RBL

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Roblox game allows you to earn real money with points. There are different level of play. It comes with different themes. There is In-game rblx. There are many different things that you can play like build buildies, Flight Battle or explore new worlds. Earn points and get free robux.

Earn points in game or use existing account. 1. You can earn points in game in “Roblox Clubs”. You can see how many points you have earned in player page. 2. If you have not created account or do not want to use existing account for free robux, you can use the rblx generator to play for


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I have a little experience in those things. I started making some generators without any ties and they were well received. But when I got a source code I got far better. I can make a secure generator without any ties to your account. I can also modify some security features to my advantage.

But I have not really developed a good and secure generator yet. It is not that it is easy to make one in my opinion. It is mostly long tedious work.

There is one crucial flaw for anyone who wants to make a generator that can bypass every security system. This is a flaw in the fact that you must be able to override any code they write. For those interested I wrote up this page. I think it is of great importance to understand how loopholes work.

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So why make a generator? The answer is really easy.

Some people are having a hard time staying updated with the security updates released by Roblox.

Most players have not yet made the free robux generator.

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My first generator does not work too well. But I have a plan on fixing it. I do not want to disclose everything I have come up with here.

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This generator is still not released and I will not be ready to release it until I am done. I know that many players are interested in the code. But I have not yet released it.

This is a secret project I am working on. It is the Roblox security update simulator. I need to release it before I


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System Requirements:

There are free ROBUX only given to Reddit users at first. There are no microtransactions. Your avatar will be invisible. No in game advertisements.

Disclaimer. We take a great deal of care in testing the Robux Generator, however there may be problems with it. We suggest you backup your data, and reinstall the game before using this version. Those who don’t know how to backup their data, we recommend this.

WARNING!!! NEVER INSTALL THIS BY DIRECT DOWNLOADING OR ONLINE DOWNLOADING! You can download the file from the links provided below. It has been patched, and tested on several devices. If it works on your device, and if you don’t have broken Android, you should be fine with it.

[Update] V1.6 Download Now and Available for FREE! Click Here.

If it does not work, the following or something similar to it is likely to happen:

App Installation Failure

App Crashing

App Freezing

Apps getting Killed (Restart) (2x or 3x)

App Freezing while loading game

App or app process getting killed by the system

App becoming uninstalled/ unresponsive/ unusable

Fix Problems from v1.2 and If You Were Having Issues

If you downloaded version 1.2, if you had issues, problems with it, or if this helped you with issues, make sure you download this version. You can download it from the link provided. This is the only known working version for this release. It is updated because it works and fixes some issues you may be having.

Using steps 1 and 2 from the previous steps, on step 4 scroll to where it says “Backup Save Data” and press enter. On Step 5 you will have an option to Download, or Cancel. If you Download, it will do a backup of your game data and save it to your computer. If you Cancel it will not do this, and no changes will be made to the game at all.

Note: You have to use an app like Titanium backup in order to do the backup.


The second version of Dolphin was released with Android P by adrian simo, the creator of the hack.

Current Version: 12

Click the link in the description to download it.

Device: Any Device with Android 6.0 and up. This


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