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Roblox is a life-like, virtual world where users create their own games, including immersive first-person shooters, role-playing games, puzzle games, racing games, and more.

On the site, games and experiences are rated from E (Everyone) to M (Teen) by the platform’s proprietary safety software and may be filtered by the platform owner, but not by the user.

While the platform owner cannot interfere with a creator’s game or experience, creators can choose to block users who do not respect the intellectual property and rules of their work or who harass the audience.

As a game maker on the Roblox platform, users can design an immersive game world, including buildings, vehicles, characters, weapons, monsters, and more.
Users can also create “experiences” which can be customized through an in-game scripting language. These experiences are then hosted on Roblox’s servers in a sandbox environment.
Many of these features can be combined to create a multi-player game or experience.

Game Creator :
As a game developer on the Roblox platform, you can build games and experiences for Roblox’s audience of users to play.

You can use a simple graphical programming language, created by Roblox for this purpose, to quickly create fun games and experiences.
There are hundreds of built-in game and experience components in Roblox to help you build great games.

These include game logic, game physics, in-game cameras, shader effects, NPCs (non-playable characters), user interfaces, and more.

Experience Creator :
As a creator of experiences, you can make immersive experiences using Roblox’s proprietary safety software.

You can build and preview games and experiences to make sure they are safe and visually appealing before they are posted.
You can use drag and drop tools to add characters, blocks, messages, vehicles, weapons, and more to your game and experience.

Users can also add and interact with custom in-game objects and avatars created by creators, as well as blocks containing chat and custom messages.
Roblox’s built-in safety software keeps children from being able to interact with each other or with what the creator has built for them.

You can test a game or experience by previewing it before it is live.
You can also import existing game


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This is a website, which wants to help you improve your gaming skills.
Robux Card Generator can be played online by anyone from any device.
To play the game in one click you should Register/ Login.
We use third-party cookies to provide you with better services.

It is one of the main staple of this popular game and the most popular goal in this game is to defend your flat and gold and defeat your opponent as a defense.

Robuxes are special and powerful items that exist in the game.
The Flat Robuxes are the most common that you will come across in the early levels of the game.

Playing this game is pretty simple and you will not have a high barrier of entry.

Your goal in the game is to tap green blocks to form a ball into the green cannon.

The green cannon will then shoot the ball for you to collect.

As you play you will collect coins and gems and you can use them to buy equipment, to purchase power ups and to replenish your power.

There are 5 power-ups available and its up to you to decide which power up to purchase as you play.

The overall gameplay is simple and you won’t have a high barrier of entry as your game will be given to you on your device for you to be able to play with no hassle.

The main difference you’ll notice when you start playing is that in Robuxes your goal is to collect as many of them as possible so that you can increase your power.

In terms of gameplay, it is very similar to other games that have been released on Android and iOS devices.

There are 2 main differences in the game that you will notice immediately when you start playing as some games can be a bit repetitive in the same time of play, Robuxes are different as they have more than two layers which means you can collect an infinite amount of the special coins and replenish your power levels.

In order to get items in the game you have to complete challenges.

These challenges are many and varied as the game covers a number of categories including physics, aim and even collect the most special coins.

There are a number of other tasks to be completed in the game, they include kill the most number of enemy players and complete a quest before you complete the current one.

It is important to remember to complete the tasks in order as it will unlock new and


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You can fly around like crazy in Skyroider, a fast roller-skater.

You can ride around like Crazy Dash, or jump from wall to wall like a daredevil. You can be a fireball dragon, or a speed demon, a speed guru, or a speed goddess. You can do this while racing on different types of tracks. The best racing on Roblox isn’t the real thing.
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Programming non english characters in.NET

Does.NET support non english characters?
If so, which is the best way to develop a program or application in platform that makes use of non-english characters?
I’m particularly interested in the following two solutions that C# implements
CP1251 Encoding / Encoding.GetPreambleEncoding(1251)

//Encode (CP1251)

Encoding asciiChars = Encoding.ASCII;
Encoding cp1251Chars = Encoding.GetEncoding(1251);


If you want to use Windows API:

If you want to use.NET it’s the same thing:


Bash – Is it possible to extract constant strings from a loop and store in an array?

Say I have a loop:
declare -a pattern=(“elephant” “cow” “mouse”)
declare -a arr=()

for i in “${pattern[@]}”

Is there a way to extract the first word of each string in the loop, and store them in the array “arr”?


You can use awk, e.g.:
declare -a arr=()
pattern=(“elephant” “cow” “mouse”)

awk -v “pattern=()” -v “arr=()


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