Imtoo Dvd Creator 713 ((FULL)) Keygen 201

Imtoo Dvd Creator 713 ((FULL)) Keygen 201

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Imtoo Dvd Creator 713 Keygen 201

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How to send the values from the textbox to the textbox1 in web page

I am using web browser control in Windows form, i have 5 text box in web page, i want to display the value of textbox on the other textbox.
this is my code.
WebBrowser browser = new WebBrowser();
browser.DocumentText = “1”;
browser.DocumentText = “2”;
browser.DocumentText = “3”;
browser.DocumentText = “4”;
browser.DocumentText = “5”;


Why are you adding the webbrowser control to the form?
Simply do it like this:
WebBrowser browser = new WebBrowser();
TextBox1.Text = browser.DocumentText;

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