KS-ProjectPlanner Pro

KS-ProjectPlanner Pro is an easy to use and feature-packed piece of software that makes it possible for you to accurately organize your projects, as well as prioritize and keep track of multiple tasks.
In a few words, this application is especially useful for improving the workflow of teams by allowing resource and joint effort planning.
Project management within a clean and modern looking interface
If it sounds a bit complicated from the get-go, you should not be worried at all, as the application comes with a well-organized main window. Starting with its intuitive layout, quite similar to other apps of this sort, and finishing with its interface, everything feels natural, so getting to grips with the app is by no means difficult.
While the interface is not what you would call stylish, it is quite modern looking and very responsive. The ribbon toolbar, in particular, makes everything seem easy, as it offers you direct access to important features, all while keeping things as tidy as possible.
Comes with a useful set of advanced planning and management features
The application offers you a fast way to generate Gantt and resource charts, as well as to add tasks, groups and resources. All its features are so well interlinked that you should have no problem managing your projects in a dynamic and efficient manner.
In addition, full cost control, pathbreaking on tracking and MS-SQL Server support are also part of KS-ProjectPlanner Pro's repertoire of features.
Besides the basic features that enable you to manage, create, prioritize and schedule tasks and monitor the overall project evolution, the utility can also help you keep track of overall costs.
With its color-coded charts and built-in planners, the app is clearly designed to offer a suitable balance between visual and raw-data representations between the tasks involved.
User-friendly, powerful and modern looking app for project management
Taking all of the above into consideration, KS-ProjectPlanner Pro is a feature-packed software solution for project management and planning that does not over-complicate things. Simply put, the app offers you the possibility to manage multiple projects, schedule and keep track of tasks and, with a bit more input on your behalf, even generate detailed cost reports for your projects.







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“KS-ProjectPlanner Pro Full Crack is designed as an easy to use and feature-packed piece of software. Made for teams and organizations, it provides dynamic management capabilities for projects, tasks and tasks. Managing the workflow of teams is made easier with user-friendly, powerful features such as color-coded Gantt Charts, color-coded Task List, Gantt Charts, cost reports, Resource Management, Resource Tasks, Task List, color-coded Resource Assignment, etc.
The system provides transparency, maintainability and efficient usage of resources on both a per-project and per-task basis.”

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View Screenshot:

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Supported OS:
MacOS, Microsoft Windows

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Create, plan, and manage complex projects
Depending on your type of project, you will be able to plan and manage it using KS-ProjectPlanner Pro For Windows 10 Crack. It offers powerful project management tools to manage complex projects, such as financial accounting, R&D, development, and production. You can track, plan, manage, and assign tasks to others.
Plan with your team
KS-ProjectPlanner Pro allows you to connect directly to the Office 365 and MS SQL Server. It provides you with a full-featured MS-Office 365 replacement. You can store your documents, spreadsheets, and project details in Office 365, or your MS SQL Server.
All that from a single app
KS-ProjectPlanner Pro allows you to manage all types of projects. It is the easiest project management tool to use, since there are no additional add-ins or plugins that you need to install.
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From our team: “There are many features and functions that you can easily use, to manage all your projects and tasks with the speed you need. What are you waiting for? Download KS-ProjectPlanner Pro now and get started.”
● Easy, intuitive planning and managing of projects
● Organize, prioritize and track all your projects using the E-planner
● Gantt, resource and task charts
● Cost control, planning and management
● Full MS-SQL Server support
● Attach Excel files to tasks
● Attach PDF documents to tasks
● Detailed time tracking
● Multilingual (in 9 languages!)

If you like, you can find out more information about KS-ProjectPlanner Pro from the author directly on our site at:

The license of this trial version can be found on the following link:

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What’s New In?

Project Planner is a pure and simple project management application with focus on streamlining your project workflow.
It can help you with multiple project types, including task, resource and calendar planning, time tracking, project budget, project reporting and much more.
Project Planner features:
* Project/Calendar Management
* Time Tracking
* Resource Management
* Staff/Project Working
* Project Costing
* Project Reporting
KS-ProjectPlanner Pro Pricing:
Single License $59.00
Purchases of multiple licenses are 10% discounted from their single license purchase price.
KS-ProjectPlanner Pro Download:
To download KS-ProjectPlanner Pro, click on the download link below.
Download KS-ProjectPlanner Pro directly to your PC.Q:

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System Requirements:

-4GB RAM or more
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-OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
-50MB available space
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