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Color Chain is a game to play while waiting for a train, bus or movie. It’s a fun single player game that challenges your mouse skills! Create Color Chains by linking tiles of alternating colors. When you create a group of 7 or more similarly colored tiles, your “Chain” gets longer and longer. But don’t stop there! Score chains longer than the top 10 in the leaderboard and unlock new bonus game types! You can also set a time limit to unlock your longest chain.
Tips and tricks:

Your chain scores are counting the tile values of the tiles that you use. Make sure they are of the same value, in that case they will sum up.

The green tiles are the easier to get.

If you can fit two of them side by side, that’ll help you!

Each game type will have its own chain length.

The “Goal” to get the top score is to create chain longer than anyone else on the game. If your chain reaches the Leaderboard, you get an achievement!

The “Super Combo” to get the bonus (with the biggest chain) is to reach 7 tiles of color with the same value (so that you can form a 7 tile group). These are really hard to get!

To improve your chances of scoring the highest scores, it’s best to have a wider selection of tiles of the same value.

The bonus game types (Goal and Leaderboard) are much tougher, especially the Leaderboard game.

If you get a bonus game, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a train, bus or movie to do it again!

The game also runs as a Desktop App! Play it on your Desktop PC!

Game Details:

The game is played with the mouse.

The starting tile has a value of 1 (for the “goal” game type) or 11 (for the “Leaderboard” game type)

When you land on a tile with the same value as the tile in front of it, you “link” the tiles together. When they are linked, they can get longer and longer.

When a group of 7 or more tiles of the same value is formed, you get “one step on your chain”!

The whole game is a Marathon to score the highest scores.

The longer the


Features Key:

  • Accurate to the book
  • An immersive experience
  • In-depth character development
  • Interactive town that reacts to players’ actions
  • A tab system for players to easily share stories
  • All new features to tailor your personal experience


Lighthockey Crack + Full Version

Project Nimbus was a series of experimental high-speed mech combat games by Marvelous. The title was the first game in the series and was released for the Wonderswan in 1994. It was followed by Project Nimbus Infinity in 1996. Between the two games Project Nimbus Infinity announced a sequel known as Project Nimbus INFINITY in April, 2006. In April, 2007 Marvelous Entertainment released a PS3 and PC version of Nimbus INFINITY for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In August, 2008 a limited edition PS3 Version was released under the title Project Nimbus 2009.

Collecting weapon data

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Lighthockey [32|64bit]

In “Hachi Hachi Mystery” you will be playing as three high school students. Your mission is to walk around the school, meet the characters, and solve the mystery together.
Part 1:
Happy animals:
– [LO] Lucille & Ethan
I’m Lucille. I work in a lab. I do experiments and science. I have a robot named Roch. Lucille LOVES anime. She said that she could stay for a week in this world. And Ethan, he’s the best friend of Lucille. He knows everything about anime. We have a lot of anime themes at our house. So, we are crazy about anime. We play games, watch anime on the TV and play music on the stereo too. We also have a collection of anime action figures. That means, Lucille and I are space aliens. I was a space alien in my home planet. I came here as a sperm to get pregnant with Ethan. And, that’s all I know about it. We are very happy to be here.
Part 2:
Hi! My name is Ethan. I also work in a lab. I do research on fossils and ancient artifacts. I have a robot named Roch. Like Lucille, I watch anime. And I know everything about anime too. Let’s not talk about anime. I like science. I also love traveling. Every day, I travel around the school to find interesting things. Like the fallen meteor, not a dinosaur. I don’t know if it’s a dinosaur or a meteor. You know, some people say that meteor came from space and many dinosaurs died.
Part 3:
Nice to meet you! I’m Eli, and I’m in the Chemistry club too. I like playing bass guitar. In my free time, I go to parties and listen to music. I play bass guitar and DJ too. Ethan plays guitar. He listens to rock music. Lucille plays the piano. She listens to jazz music. Lucille has a robot named Roch.
Part 4:
Lucille and I are space aliens. I was a space alien in my home planet. I came here as a sperm to get pregnant with Lucille. And, that’s all I know about it. We are very happy to be here.
Part 5:
Hi! My name is Lucille. I also work in a lab. I do experiments and science.


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