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Reveal the legendary ruins of Altair, the ancient birthplace of humankind, and release the Kraken from its temporal prison. Face an army of monstrous enemies as you try to uncover the secrets of the unspeakable Titans that inspired a whole world. With the help of the angelic Aurora, experience firsthand the timeless struggles between good and evil as you wage war for humanity’s salvation.
When the humans first saw the first of the titanic beings that bathed our planet in a realm of eternal darkness, they saw a being of hope and a life-sustaining force that would change the course of their civilization forever. It is the moment when the world of Altair was born.
However, those unspeakable Titans were locked away by the efforts of the gods through the ages and its power was forgotten. It was feared that the Titans were evil and that their power was in its entirety unstable, and their generation was soon sealed in a realm of legend.
For hundreds of years, Altair sank into solitude, her people weakened and the world forgotten. The gods retreated from the planet and no one had sight of the Titans since.
But the titanic beings had other ideas, lashing out at the universe with an unbridled rage. They had waited for the time to be set free and they were only now starting to gather their strength.
The god Moon, impregnated with enough power to drive the creatures back, was about to be unleashed but there was no one who could stop them.
The former players of the Halls of the Titans are all assumed to have perished but in reality, the story of the universe is far more complicated.
Most of the monsters known as “Titans” were once players of the Halls of the Titans, but were capable of fighting the gods directly with their powers.
Aurora, the unicorn-woman angel, found a way to open the Halls of the Titans. She used the legendary Moonstone to do so but was captured by the Titans and the angels were driven into hibernation.
The players of the Halls of the Titans then hid themselves on the planet and became the guardians of the Altair system. They fought the Titans who incited the end of their era through a series of events that lead to the current chaotic situation in the universe.
*The following was partially adapted from the first chapter of the novel “ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos – The Battle of the Gods” written by Kenji En


Maid Mansion Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Full space flight simulation
  • 3D and side view
  • Ceres, Pluto, and other celestial bodies
  • Fully detailed spacecraft with windows
  • Slick 3D graphics with parallax
  • User is in charge: the player can change the position of the camera, orbit,
  • Choose between “fast” (Abort) and “slow” (Continue) navigation, or modify each feature’s sensitivity
  • This game is available on several platforms. Go to the info page on any of them, and order your copy!


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    The internet is a dangerous place. The government fears it because of its unlimited access to information. The people fear it because of the scary monsters lurking in the darkness. Will you be brave enough to join the fight?
    Contains 3 New Boss fights.
    You can buy this at BigBig Store
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    BigBig Store for the Nintendo Switch is currently in the last remaining stages of development. I hope you are as excited as I am to finally play this game on my Nintendo Switch.

    Here is a gameplay trailer:

    In case you want to know more about the story and the 2 endings I’m working on, read this explanation:

    In the last game we faced Creighton Ramsay, a descendant of the Demonite family, and a sinister coven of witches who sent the disfigured monster to kill Ray. To defend us from Creighton, a woman guided Ray into a huge forest of glowing trees, a place of decrepitude and bones where the monsters and witches hide.

    Suddenly, Ray finds himself lost in a small village, the village of Vania. Apart from an old teacher and a young priest, in Vania he discovers that the village has forgotten its last government. Then, Vania residents started paying their respects to the ones they thought of as saviors of Vania: the letters of the alphabet, scribbled on any piece of paper, books, and walls.

    What did they do?

    Set up a hedonistic cult based on the books and letters between B and Z Horror Movies.

    This led Ray to investigate the gruesome scene, which gave him the power to send deadly monsters from a past to come back to his present.

    At the end of the game you can save Ray’s life or not. This option will lead him to one of the two endings that I’m working on.

    What do you think of this game?

    Follow Ray Bibbia 10 years in the past in this adventure set in a small village where religion is considered only a fad of the past. Unveil the mystery that lurks in Castel di Vania and get ready to face ancient demons with only the help of your trusty bible and your typing skills.



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    Complete Chapter 1 and unlock 2 new Chapters.Play through the entire game once to unlock all chapters.Tired of the same old shape games? Get a fresh new take on the match 3 genre with Monkeys Ahoy! Featuring wild and wild pirates, glittering crowns, a petting zoo, and lots of other adorable animals.Features• Play through all chapters to unlock them all, Monkeys Ahoy! offers multiple game play styles and endless hours of fun.• Only 1 hit and 1 combo – each stroke draws new lines to match. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate chain breaker?• Over 40 wild and wacky pirates to collect! They have all manner of eccentric devices, from magical wands to a mammoth bouncy castle.• 5 sparkling gems to match and chain • 8 different coloured jewels and 10 sets of shapes to match in each chapter• Tons of different combo bonuses that reward the best chains, including: score, score and gem bonus, combination bonus, all squares bonus and more.• A scoring system that ensures your best scores are recorded. You can share these scores with your friends and compare your scores with the world.• 3 game play modes to play and compete in. Challenge Mode: Keep your best chain to unlock new levels.*** Watch out! Scores on the Leaderboards are linked to your Facebook account. Set a high score. Once you are on the leaderboard of the same game, your scores will count towards that game’s leaderboard.***Cement and granite applications are extremely important to the construction industry, especially in the construction of subterranean foundation structures and support walls. In a standard concrete wall (i.e., construction including concrete slabs), the concrete will bond with the cement or other similar cementitious material in contact with the wall. In some cases, the walls in contact with the cement or other cementitious material may be reinforced with rebar.
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    OpenGL Feature Priority: Blending, Depth, Stencil, Endian, or what else?

    OpenGL GLSL is a pretty remarkable technology, and I do not know of any other graphics


    What’s new in Maid Mansion Soundtrack:


    How do I repair the frozen toilet?

    I have a double-bowl toilet which froze. I opened it up and used a warm, soapy water to have a look inside. I’ll try to keep this short — the toiled has the light and pump thingy inside as well as the bidet hose and the pipe (which is kind of corroded and I think it’s a metal tube).
    Anyways, the light and pump thingy are on the back of the toilet, under a metal cover. Something like this — note the small screwdriver on the tool. You then lift up on the cover and usually you have something like this — a matching screwdriver that you use to screw the cover back down.
    I didn’t see it at first, and had to go back into the house and find the tool. I cleaned the bowl with the lavatory brush, and used warm soapy water to thaw out the conduit. (It’s been sitting frozen for at least 2 days, probably longer.)
    We had a plumber come, and he did the same thing — and the cover came off, revealing a piece of galvanized metal


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    Boolean is an open-ended problem solving game where you build circuits and send signals. You place tiles whom follow the laws of boolean logic and make interesting devices! Puzzles range from easy to extreme, and will take you through the development of complex circuits used in computers today.
    Boolean isn’t a game for people who just want a brain teaser with no time limit. Both the sandbox and challenge modes give you time limits to work out as many puzzle as you can before the timer runs out.
    * You must type the correct answer to each puzzle to move on and unlock the puzzle.
    * Type the correct answer into the signup input.
    * No 3rd party programs like Minitool are allowed.
    * All rules can be changed in the options.
    How To Play:
    1. Pick a puzzle you want to solve.
    2. Select the tiles from the puzzle by double tapping them.
    3. Hit the blue bars to make the tiles connect and follow the laws of logic.
    4. Make your circuit by hitting the red bar to activate the function.
    5. Time is stopped once you hit “Start!”
    6. When the puzzle is finished you are shown the solution.
    7. Type the correct answer in the signup input.
    8. You will see the message “next puzzle” and the puzzle selection should be removed, you can’t select a next puzzle without restarting.
    What’s New:
    – New puzzles!
    – Rewritten savefile system
    – Screenshots!

    App ChangeLog

    – Puzzles:

    – Solve puzzles faster by hitting the bushes on the puzzle. This increases “swing” and makes the puzzle be easier to solve.
    – Complete the game faster by making it easier to solve puzzles!
    – Time Crunch Mode: Win as many times as you can in 60 seconds!

    App Screens


    requires following permissions on your android device.










    How To Crack Maid Mansion Soundtrack:

    • First of all you have to download the GabeN DLC pack
    • Click on Setup.exe
    • Choose all files(cabs)
    • After that follow the instruction
    • Enjoy!


    System Requirements:

    Wii U
    Nintendo 3DS
    16 GB
    Feb. 19, 2015
    Minecraft (from Mojang)
    Game Description:
    Minecraft offers players the opportunity to delve into a virtual playground where they can build anything they can imagine. In addition to using the Wii U GamePad, players can use other compatible Wii U accessories, such as the Wii U GamePad Pro Controller, Wii U Pro Controller, Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo


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