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Assembly language DOS API for Unicode characters

I am new to assembly language coding, and I’m going to need a little help with this small program, I wrote last night:
.model small

.stack 100h
msg1 db “This is a new message”,10,13,’$’

mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax

mov ah,9

mov dx,offset msg1
int 21h

mov ah,4ch
int 21h
mov ax,4c00h
int 21h

end start

I think it’s a pretty simple program, just displaying a Unicode character on the screen.
The point is:
1) On a machine with English letters the program works fine, and prints the correct character on the screen.
2) On a machine with Cyrillic characters the program prints the character correctly without any signs of an error.
3) On a machine with Japanese characters the program prints the character correctly with no signs of an error.
The problem is on a machine with Chinese characters, which are more complex than English letters, the program instead of printing the character, shows numbers and [spaces] showing up on the screen.
Why is that? Am I not using the correct DOS API, or something else?

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