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AeroX Mod Maker


AeroX Mod Maker is the award-winning easy-to-use, plugin-based suite for making your own mods for a wide range of popular games, from MMOs to single-player titles. Everything you need to make great mods is here.

Key features:


Make your mod in minutes with the built-in, powerful modifying tools. Use dozens of built-in components and tools, or plug in your own.


Create your mod, then click and drag to add the components.

Now you can drag-and-drop your mod directly to your game.

Huge Mod Compatibility:

AeroX Mod Maker supports any game that can run D3D, DX, or PhysX, and requires no programming knowledge.

Powerful Customization:

Add components to your mod, change the order they display in the GUI, and configure them as you desire.

Enable multiple mods in the same.exe, and open them in any order.

Extensive User’s Manual:

See detailed instructions in the Help file.


ModMaker’s flexible GUI lets you completely customize the look and feel of your mod.

If your mod has not been installed successfully, we would be so grateful if you could send us a screenshot along with the location where the download failed. We have many years of experience in debugging and removing problems. Your feedback is really important to us.

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