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This is a story that takes place in an ancient forest. The forest is full of elves and spirits – but the real protagonist is a monk who lives in a tiny hut. He is always alone in his contemplative state, wandering around the forest and meditating. This monk you are playing as is the hero of the story.
The position of the world
The game takes place in an ancient fantasy-style forest of the typical German fairy tale. In the story, however, there is something strange about this world. There are not only the elves and the spirits, but also an other inhabitant: a monster who is very hostile. This monster is searching the last wind in the forest and that’s why the game starts. The monk wants to find the last wind in the forest. But when he does find it, he will encounter the monster and fight against it.
The adventures in the game
There is no combat in The Last Wind Monk. You as the monk only can jump, run and jump again over platform at the trees, stones, rivers and cliffs. The movements – with the help of jumping, running, rolling and jumping again – that you are able to perform are similar to marbles or in the maze games.
With the help of the game, the adventure takes place in the vast and colorful fantasy-style forest. In the forest, the monk encounters the enemies and finds the secrets of the game. In the forest, the monk discovers the famous fairy tales and learns his living world while he explores the world of fairies.
What the game consists of
From the moment you start playing the game, the story begins. The first chapter starts with the opening of the forest, an old story of the storyteller. You are sitting there meditating and visiting the places of the story. You can jump on walls and hit enemies with stones or using them as a hammer. In order to jump, you just need to tap on the area of the screen which you want to jump. Your goal is to reach the next level and finish the first chapter. In this first chapter you will find the first secrets.
There are five chapters. In each chapter, you have to go through the chapter in a different direction. You will get the keys to open the next chapter and you have to open the doors to discover all the secrets of this chapter. The keys to open the next chapter are found in the last room of this chapter. In the last room of each chapter, you can pick up something and that


Features Key:

  • Manufacturing Buildings, Units, and Interactions
  • Advanced Researching and Manipulating of Visible Matter and Forces
  • Builder Ads which can be used to control and change the game’s rules.

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MODO Indie 901 For PC [April-2022]

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Game “Skeleton Troubles” Gameplay:

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