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Welcome to the home of game creation with Roblox. Using the online game-creation system, players can use virtual building blocks to create their own 3D games and environments. On Roblox, players can create their own games, web shows, mobile applications, and cartoons. They can also recruit real users to create, play, and build in their games. In addition to generating revenue, Roblox has drawn significant attention for running a program called “School of Anything,” which gives schools around the world access to an online game-development platform that helps children and teens overcome common learning challenges. Roblox began as a game development system and has recently expanded its offer to include online entertainment.

You can use the Roblox platform to create games, plays, shows, and 3D environments. However, it’s the customizability that makes the platform unique. Roblox games can be customized in many different ways, with thousands of different blocks that can be used to create the most imaginative environments. The platform can also help players create cartoons, mobile applications, virtual tours, and more.

Roblox’s mission is to give anyone access to the creative process, and they’re making the game-development community more open through programs like “School of Anything.” It’s a place where people learn through play, and everyone has a voice. As Roblox continues to innovate, it continues to build strong partnerships with the educational community and has a growing presence on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Roblox has a built-in community that allows players to communicate with each other and even help build new games.


If you don’t already know, Robux is the in-game currency used to purchase items. For most users, there’s no need for in-game purchases because they’re earning Robux from being social. However, if you’d like to speed up the acquisition of Robux and create fast paced games, you should consider subscribing to Roblox Premium.


The ROBUX-Powered Platform


Each Roblox account is assigned a unique ID that appears on the Home tab of the ROBUX page. This is the ID that allows access to a player’s account, earnings, and other profile information. From time to time, all players receive a notification that allows them to check how


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This game gets so addicting! I play every few minutes, its great having good friends and playing a game together. My kids love it too!
You gotta give it a try and go to HQs and explore every location!???

Play this for 5 bucks! (not one.five by the way)
It’s one of the best games out there. You don’t need a lot of stuff.
Just use out of the box:
Pokemon, you’ll need 5 to start off with.
Bowser, you don’t need anything for this.
Magical Brogle, need nothing for this.
Link, is basicly self explainitory.
Samurai, Should be easy, just use out of the box.
Pick up Yoshi, once you beat him, you’re done with it.
Just use 5 regular coins. And I’m pretty sure you


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The goal of this list is to show all the different methods of hacking to make free Robux.

i figure a little bit of explanation is in order. Roblox is a game which is basically free to play, you can play as much as you want for as long as you want.

however there are a number of ways of getting robux, such as swiped robux and other methods which some say work, however these methods are usually illegal and a hefty fine.

We compiled a list of websites which claim to provide free robux and security.

Be careful about sites which claim to provide free robux, because none of them actually provide free robux.

Most of these websites have links to other sites which do provide free robux.

These websites are not affiliated with the creators of robux.

The creator of robux is called Robuxville.

Robuxville has been hacked a few times

First there was xkaz.
xkaz is a website which hosted a bunch of different wikis and streams.
The creator of xkaz was fed up with Robuxville and ditched to create a new website. Unfortunately xkaz remains relevant.
But xkaz did contain the server IP address of Robuxville.
And in 2016 was almost entirely replaced with
Not only did this completely replace the old server, but it used a completely different website structure which resulted in the xkaz websites being completely useless., which used to be known as
Initially this was an IRC server for Roblox users,
although it quickly became full of warez and other things.
One of the admins had so many compulsive addictions he became an active addict himself.
The server was eventually shut down.

Another failed attempt to get free robux.
YouTuber SamuelsMould generated a number of bots for a single Robux shop.
However the Roblox developer refused to allow him to run bots.
And as soon as Roblox discovered the bots SamuelsMould was banned from Roblox.
On the other hand two more people owned a server and used it to get their own robux.
So eventually Roblox stepped in and shut them down.
This also resulted in the server IP address of


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