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It returns the same thing.


If you know the image file has an embedded Exif header, but you don’t know the tag or tag name – ExifTool might be a good tool.

Exiftool is a free utility to get information from Exif tags.

Here is an example of what it can do.

In this example I’ve already loaded the image into the program. Your source image might not contain the data you need and that should be loaded beforehand.

For example the $field_name tells you that the tag contains the CameraMake, so you would need to find a way to read in the CameraMake field from the image.
$file =’sampleimage.jpg’;

If($file) {

$ExifTool = new Image::ExifTool, ‘v.’;
$ExifTool->Options( New => \@options );

$exifTool = $ExifTool->newImage();


if ($exifTool->ReadFile(‘$file’)) {
if ($exifTool->ReadFile(‘$file’)) {
$fields = $exifTool->ReadAllBinaryTags(‘$file’);
foreach ($fields as $tag => $value) {
if ($tag =~ /^(Exif:\s{2,})$/) {
$value = $exifTool->ExtractValue(‘$tag’,$value);

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday objected to the steep hike in the price of petrol and diesel in the country by the government, saying it has less impact on the country as it has no bearing on the consumption pattern.

“The government which keeps saying the country should be made free of price rise has just increased the price of petrol by about Rs 2.50 per litre. In spite of this why is the price of petrol not going down? Why can’t they keep the price of diesel at the current level,” he asked.

“How much of petrol or diesel do you personally use on a daily basis, that will tell you how much of the price increase has impact on the country,” he said at a discussion on tariffs and price rise at the Hindustan University.

Pointing out that the fuel price has gone up even when the oil prices have fallen sharply, he said the government is more interested in squeezing the people and is more sympathetic towards the oil companies than those who have to buy petrol and diesel.

“The leaders of the country were taken on a horse ride by the oil companies so that they could entrench the infrastructure. If that is so, why are they so keen to take their share of profits,” he said and added that the rise in the price of petrol and diesel will have minimum impact on the people as they will now be forced to reduce their consumption.

“We will be forced to change our consumption pattern. If petrol or diesel has become inaccessible to the common man, they will have to find alternatives like cooking gas or electricity,” he said.

On whether the government should have raised the prices of petrol and diesel earlier in the day or when the prices were at peak, he said it was wrong to take such decisions when the prices were going up.

“This government has been saying that they need to protect the interest of the people and save them from inflation. On the contrary, it is the common man who is being punished for their ‘fake’ friends,” he said.

On the latest Union Budget, the MP said even though the economic scenario is not positive, no family will now be forced to sleep on empty stomach as the recent increase in prices of commodities has saved at least 10 per cent of their income.

“I think in the last 15 years the government has learnt its lesson and will now not indulge in populist measures,” he said and added that the next month, the Budget will be in a “ra

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