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The mood of rain in the woods.
Technical Screenshot

Realistic Fireworks – The best rendering for fireworks
We are working to increase the quality of rendering of our fireworks. Therefore, we have decided to offer our new renderer to players who use our game engine.

If you would like to download the latest version, you can find it here:

Pluviophile is an extreme journey through the power of rain. It’s a surreal world at the edge of nature, abandoned by the mind. A soft fog lures you inside and preserves the landscape. You need to find your way and make decisions.
PS: The core aspect of this game is the atmosphere. It is recommended for those who mostly seek to experience the mood.
Save progression: The game saves your progression at the beginning of each chapter.
About The Game Pluviophile:
The mood of rain in the woods.
Technical Screenshot

AMAZING WORK!Great, fantastic and amazing game! I really enjoyed playing this game! It has a unique Atmosphere with an intense story, and sound, it’s awesome!Amazing graphics!Every object is detailed perfectly, and it’s really beautiful! The rain sounds are awesome! Amazing sound effects! Beautiful music!The game has a unique and powerful story! The story is very well told and really impresses me!I would give this game 5/5!!! ——Cheers!Q:

Get size of a database stored in node.js

I have a database stored on node.js server and I need to fetch the size of the database.
I was thinking of performing a query like
SELECT SUM(data_length + index_length) FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = mydb
and then converting the result to byte and using that value to calculate the size of the database.
Does anybody know a better way to find the size of a database in node.js?


You can use the file size command. Basically, each table in your DB has a size and you can combine these for a total size in bytes.
First, you need to check if you have the “file size” support for the db engine. The default in mysql is no.
mysql> show variables like ‘have_file_per_table’;


Oldowan Features Key:

  • D…
  • Invasion: Lost in Time Game Tags

    • Action Online,
    • Build Tower,
    • Building City,
    • City-State G…

    Invasion: Lost in Time Game Publisher Name


    Release name:


    Google Ltd.



    Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.


    You need to do is as below
    Add “'” before your url in the script as below,
    $strUrl = “”.$folder.”/Invasion: Lost in Time_EN_GAME_”.$userName.”_”.$picName.”.apk”;

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    • No sniping
    • No backstabbing
    • No traps
    • No shields
    • No drones
    • No insane abilities
    • No machines
    • No HEALTH kits
    • No rocket boots
    • No invisibility
    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT are in effect for all modes of play
    We promise not to sell, spend or trade your data nor manipulate it in any way. We will however, use your data to find new players, to enhance your experience and to continue developing new features. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT make sure your data is kept private and stays away from prying eyes. For more information on how we treat your data, please read our privacy policy.
    iPad version is out now!
    – Added 5 NEW MISSIONS
    – Mission Board- Add up to five random missions that players can view in the Ordering menu.
    New Mission: Mission Block- After the player has cleared a particular mission, there will be a chance to get some additional missions, based on the player’s skill.
    – New Ranks- Challenge each other in a duel to gain additional features
    iPad version is out now!
    – Added 5 NEW MISSIONS
    – Introducing Cross-Platform Share!
    To help our players to connect better on a wide variety of devices, from phones to tablets and computers, we are introducing Cross-Platform Share.
    Using the Share button in game will show players a list of their friends that are currently playing PUBG mobile.
    To allow players to join, share, and complete games with different devices, the game will automatically pause and reload the current game if you switch devices.
    – Introducing Cross-Platform Share!
    – Equip Mods and replace the selected character to increase the effectiveness of a particular item.
    – Equip Mods have their own cool effects: Oil Upgrade – upgrade oil capacity, 1st Aid – cure 2 HP in 10 minutes, Expert Knifes – Increase knife damage.
    – Exploit it and use it to survive in the wilderness.
    – There is no Class or Weapon restrictions, so there is no Class or Weapon restrictions.
    – A wide variety of potions, bandages, and stuff to aid you in surviving.
    – Over 100 Canned Mod items.
    – All items that are bound to revive will also revive the character’s Item Casing.
    – Clear Info section


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