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How to exclude the whole property from Object.ToString() -VB.Net

I have a Class and I want to exclude the Property I don’t want to make this.IsProperty_xxx.
public class Class1
public string Property_1
{ get; set; }

public string Property_2
{ get; set; }
public string Property_3
{ get; set; }

I tried
Public Function ToString(ByVal t As Type) As String
Return t.FullName
End Function
Public Function ToString(ByVal t As Type) As String
Return t.GetType().FullName
End Function

But the error is

No overload for method ‘ToString’ takes 2 arguments

I need to check all the property by using this function.
Any help please.


You can use Type.GetProperties and get all the properties in the class as an array then loop through them and check whether the property is public or not, so it doesn’t write it and the error should be solved.
Public Function ToString(ByVal t As Type) As String

Dim properties As PropertyInfo() = t.GetProperties
Dim prop As PropertyInfo

For Each prop In properties

If prop.IsPublic AndAlso prop.Name “YourPropertyName” Then
‘Write it

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