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The version of Photoshop in this book is Photoshop CS6 or higher. Photoshop CS5 doesn’t have all the features included in the book, so it might not work exactly as written in this book.

Photoshop CS6 is currently the latest version of Photoshop. CS5 works, but there are many things that do not work with CS5. CS5 is still in use by many people, so any tutorials written for Photoshop CS5 will work with CS6, and any tutorials written for Photoshop CS6 will work with CS5 as well, as long as they’re not written in a way that is specific to CS6.

This book gives you all the basics and some useful tips to get you started. And we give you a lot of insider tricks and pieces of information that the pros use, so that you can become a more efficient photographer in no time.

If you’re just starting out with Photoshop, we recommend that you check out Chapter 1 to brush up on the basics. You’ll see that Photoshop can be very confusing. In fact, if you’re already familiar with other photo editing software, you may end up doubting whether you’re using the correct tools or doing the right things.

We’re here to help you get started using Photoshop as a tool for image editing and manipulation. We show you the interface and give you tips on creating new layers and managing your files. With these basics firmly in place, you can start doing some fun things, such as assembling images into panoramas, setting effects, and creating masks.

If you’re already working with Photoshop, we want to help you do your job better. We give you extra tips and tricks, such as working with layers and creating your own brushes, to make you more productive.

Finally, we go through a number of useful plug-ins available for Photoshop and give you some tips on installing and using them. Chapter 8 shows you how to search for and download plug-ins for Photoshop. You can see some of the ones that are available and a discussion on which you may want to use. These plug-ins give you fast and easy access to all the special effects you may need in a hurry, such as creating an animated GIF, manipulating images, or achieving dramatic effects like making an image look like it’s backlit.

When you’re done reading this book, you’ll have a good knowledge of how to use Photoshop for image editing and manipulation. Let’s get started!

## Introducing Photoshop

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First off, before you create a new document, you must first create one. Your new document will take up all the memory. You can keep all your images in one document, but we recommend keeping each document separate. You can name each document, and it is very easy to tell what document each photo is in. You can create a document name that is descriptive of the photo, and you can search your document names to quickly find the photo you are looking for.

When you create a new document, you will be presented with the following choices: open from a file, open from the web, copy a web file, and create a new blank document. Choose what you like best. Remember that you can create a document with all your images in it, but each image will take up memory, so you may want to keep each document separate. In Photoshop, each file has to be loaded into memory before you can edit it.

The PS Elements browser is well organized. You can search your documents in the browser based on keyword. You can also sort your documents by date, order of importance, best before, etc. You can also search your web history. This is a very useful feature.

General Features of Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements has many of the features found in the more expensive Adobe Photoshop. The following are some of the tools you will see in Elements.

• Layer Groups. You can create multiple layers with one selection, such as a sky, clouds, and a main building. You can bring each layer together for editing, or you can keep them separate.

• Background eraser. You can easily erase just the background in a photo.

• Changing the size of a photo. You can change the size of a photo to any of the standard sizes. You can also resize a photo without losing quality.

• Using a RAW conversion. Elements can automatically open RAW images in standard size.

• Show and Hide: You can selectively hide layers in a photo. You can use this tool to help you edit out distracting objects in a photo.

• Heal tool: You can remove white spots and red eyes from a photo. This is a great tool for finding red eye.

• Red Eye Correction: You can quickly remove red eye from a photo.

• Auto-Enhance tool: You can easily change the colors in a photo, giving it a more professional look.

• Spot Healing: You can automatically fix

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} catch (err) {
res.status(500).send(‘Try again’);
index.json(res, { image: ia });
index.json(res, { image : api.getUserAllStories()});

When I run this I get the error message

(node:12074) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

So I thought maybe it was still relying on the promise that I have in my filter function, so I commented out my filter function, but then I get this error:

Cannot read property ‘user’ of null

I’m having trouble to figure this out. I guess it has something to do with the promise but I’m not sure how to pass it to the index.json function. Thanks in advance for any help.


The error “Cannot read property ‘user’ of null” is most likely because this.user or api.user is not set when res.json is called. It only returns a promise when a user is logged in, where this.user or api.user is set.
This problem occurs because when you are returning a promise to res.json, the callback of res.json only gets called after the promise has resolved.
You can fix this error by wrapping your request with a try/catch:
return Promise.all([url(ia),url(api.getUserAllStories())]).then(filters)
throw new Error(err);
res.status(404).send(‘User is not logged in’);

Alternatively, you can call res.json before you check user in

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System Requirements:

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