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There are 5 common Photoshop tools and techniques that beginners should be familiar with before they get into more advanced features.

5 Tools and Techniques to Learn in Photoshop

5 Tools and Techniques to Learn in Photoshop

1. The Wand Tool

The first basic Photoshop tool that is used on almost every image is the wand tool. It is similar to the tool in graphic design programs like InDesign or Illustrator. The wand tool is a paintbrush cursor that can be used to move, resize, and paint certain areas on an image.

The cursor can be either square or round. When using the tool to paint, you can hold the shift key down to constrain the tool’s movements and shape, and press and hold the Alt key to change the color of the paintbrush.

You can also change the brush size with the number keys. To use it, select the brush by clicking in the layer you want to paint and then press the keyboard command to initiate it. To paint, you should drag over the area you want to paint, or click-and-drag to make selections.

2. Keyboard Commands

In Photoshop, there are many useful keyboard commands to make creating images and photo manipulations faster, easier, and more efficient. Some of the most useful commands are the following:

Command Key Description Move the active object or window to a new position, move the position of the active layer, or snap to a given point on the screen.

D: Select the next layer in the stack.

J: Select the previous layer in the stack.

Ctrl+D: Select the next layer in the stack.

Ctrl+J: Select the previous layer in the stack.

Ctrl+Z: Undo the last edit.

Ctrl+Y: Redo the last edit.

Ctrl+T: Display the Toolbox.

Ctrl+I: Display the Image Layers panel.

Ctrl+W: Open or close the Windows group to reveal or hide the layers panel.

Ctrl+Shift+I: Display the Info window.

There are many more keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Photoshop, but these are the most basic.

3. Healing Brush

The healing brush is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop. It is a brush tool that is used to repair scratches in images that are otherwise unsalvageable.

This tool can be used to

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If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to Photoshop Elements, read on.

This post focuses on keyboard shortcuts, which are listed under the topics specific to that function.

For a more complete tutorial on how to use the keyboard efficiently, see:

The following keyboard shortcuts are valid for Windows and macOS:

For the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll have to use the computer keyboard. For macOS users, you’ll notice the keyboard shortcuts differ between the macOS keyboard shortcuts and the Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Add Layer.

Command + Shift + A keyboard shortcut.

Toggle the visibility of layers.

Shift + Command + L keyboard shortcut.

Reduce opacity.

Option + Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut.

Increase opacity.

Shift + Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut.

Delete selected layers.

Command + Del keyboard shortcut.

Undo last action.

Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut.

Redo last action.

Command + Y keyboard shortcut.

Send to trash the current selection.

Command + Delete keyboard shortcut.

Use photo effects.

Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut.

Start the Blending Options dialogue.

Shift + Alt + B keyboard shortcut.

Adjust white balance.

Shift + E keyboard shortcut.

Use presets.

Ctrl + B keyboard shortcut.

Apply adjustments.

Shift + Command + A keyboard shortcut.

Adjust the background.

Ctrl + Shift + E keyboard shortcut.

Adjust saturation.

Ctrl + Up arrow keyboard shortcut.

Adjust vibrancy.

Shift + Down arrow keyboard shortcut.

Adjust temperature.

Ctrl + Right arrow keyboard shortcut.

Adjust tone.

Shift + Left arrow keyboard shortcut.

Adjust contrast.

Ctrl + Right arrow keyboard shortcut.

Create curves.

Command + K keyboard shortcut.

Change brightness.

Shift + L keyboard shortcut.

Change contrast.

Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut.

Create curves.

Command + Shift + K keyboard shortcut.

Use the brush tool.

Shift + A keyboard shortcut.

Use the eraser tool.

Option + A keyboard shortcut.

Use the bevel tool.

Shift + D keyboard shortcut.

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20:

1 GB of free disk space
OSX 10.7 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or equivalent
3D Vision compatible VR capable hardware
[1] Speed (in FPS) recorded on an i5-2400 laptop using the “OpenVR To Oculus” software.
[2] Speed (in FPS) recorded on a late 2011 MacBook Air laptop using the “OpenVR To Oculus” software.
[3] The GTX 780 is recommended for 1080p, the GTX 780

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