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Creating a Text File

Regardless of whether you plan to use Photoshop to create an image or to manipulate an image, I encourage you to first create a _text file._ A text file is a plain, text-based document that can be saved and opened in any text editor. By opening an image and carefully creating a text file from it, you can save time and keep yourself from redoing anything later.

Create a text file by first choosing File⇒New, or by clicking the New button on the Files panel (see the bottom of Figure 8-1). Figure 8-2 shows the New dialog box, where you enter a file name. You can also type a title in the Text box. File naming conventions are important to remember, and I discuss them in the next section.

Photoshop saves files in the Photoshop format. Text editors in the macOS operating system don’t recognize Photoshop files, so you need to save them in this format. I use the Text icon in the New file dialog to save the image as a text file that I can then open in a text editor, such as TextEdit, Pages, or iA Writer.

FIGURE 8-1: Select the File menu and then click New, or press Shift+N.

FIGURE 8-2: Create a new text file by entering a name and a title.

You can create a text file by opening an image in Photoshop and then choosing File⇒Save. However, the easiest way is to use the Save As dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-3.

FIGURE 8-3: Choose Save As from the File menu, or press Shift+S to open the Save As dialog box.

Many steps in the following text-editing process resemble steps in the Image Export dialog box (refer to Figure 8-1, earlier in the chapter). But I don’t bother with that box’s often-confusing features. Instead, I explain the process for creating a text file in Chapter 21.

Figure 8-4 shows a sample text file. It’s a typical file created from a color photo.

FIGURE 8-4: Create a text file from an image by using the Save As dialog box.

When you create a text file, you save it with the Photoshop File format

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Features Photoshop Elements 2020

Adobe Photoshop Elements has a suite of powerful features to help you edit images.

Works just like Photoshop

When you open a file in Photoshop Elements, you’re in for a surprise — you don’t have to use the menus and all the keyboard shortcuts. Many actions are still accessible via the menus, but Elements also works with the keyboard.

Adding text

You can add text to your images using the cursor keys. You can edit the text, add effects, and replace text with pictures or other graphics. You can also add text to your images using the Type tool.

Selecting text

You can select text using the Selection tool. If you select text using the Text tool, Photoshop Elements converts the text to a selection. There is a smaller, blinkier Text tool that you can use to select text directly.

You can also copy the text directly to the clipboard using the Ctrl+shift+C keyboard shortcut.

When you select text using the Selection tool, Photoshop Elements changes the font to black in the document, enabling you to see the text in its settings.

Editing text

You can edit text using your mouse by dragging the text or using the Selection tool.

Selecting text in an image can be tricky. Selecting text in an image is more intuitive if you use the same buttons for selecting text in the document as you do for selecting text in the toolbox.

The problem with selecting text in Photoshop Elements is that it changes the font to black. This makes it hard to see, and it can also make it harder to edit the text.

If you want to select the text you’ve just created in the image, then select the text in the document, copy the text, paste the text in your image.

If you copy the text from the image, then paste it in the document, then the text in the document is selected instead of the image. Using this method, you can select the text and edit it.

Importing pictures and text

Paste your images from your computer or camera into the Elements library.

The Import tool opens

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