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– Game rules are easy:
– Parcels will get to point B.
– No power limit.
– No speed limit.
– You can’t stop.
– Look what’s in your back: your ass, not parachute.
– Or what is in front of you, easy this one.
– Even standing up is a challenge.
– You can only sit or lay down.
– What is gravity?

** This app is publicly available on the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

The project is self funded.

Download the prototype now!

## The Prototype

## Contact me:

– Email: [[email protected]](mailto://[email protected])
– Twitter: @IndrajitMaharaj
– LinkedIn:

Android: Load an image into a custom view

I have a custom view that has 2 buttons with images inside (left and right). I’m using an image from the SDK to draw them.
I’m trying to create a next / previous custom view that will look like:

The problem is, the images I’m trying to use are too big to fit into one custom view and also I’m creating them on the run, so they are different every time and I can’t cache them.
How should I manage it?


You can’t load an image like this without knowing the size of your custom view. Even if you know, you would have to read the image into memory, which also won’t work on the fly. Since you said it is generated by an image editor and is different every time, you have two options:

Load the first image into the view and move on (in other words, load the default view until a “next” button is pressed, and then load the second image on the


Features Key:

  • Real-time Sci Fi Action Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Laser Cattlerae™ Player vs Player
  • Team based controlled ships, ground bases and mines
  • Three game modes
  • Near Future
  • Planetary Survival
  • A Sub Plan Exists
  • Various Game Modes
  • Fly off of asteroids
  • Train Drone firing Cattlerae™
  • Search for Cattlerae™
  • Its in the Plan
  • Team Warfare
  • Search Voids
  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Fly through the Solar system
  • Laser Cattlerae™
  • Power weapon module
  • Multi players can also take part
  • Multiple Drones and Miners
  • Beam weapons
  • Energy weapons
  • Ghost Drone sniper mode
  • Launching a Drone into the Void
  • Obtain and fly a Ghost Drone into the Void
  • Advanced Drone navigation routines
  • R-4 Shuttles
  • Various other moves
  • Platforms


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Everyone loves jellyfish! Play as jellyfish in an epic battle to become the best of the best.

You must start out as a small jellyfish in your pool, if you don’t win you become a giant jellyfish. The ring is the place you will fight the other jellyfish. The bigger and stronger you are you will be able to face stronger jellyfish and the bigger the jellyfish the harder it will be to beat it in a fight. This game is a mix of real time strategy and physics. You can control your jellyfish and attack other jellyfish with your jellyfish tentacles, but you also have to be careful of other jellyfish and your friends because you will all start out at the same size. Once you kill another jellyfish they will turn into a giant jellyfish. The more you fight you earn points and as you grow bigger you get faster and stronger. You will have to avoid being hit by the opponents tentacles and if you are hit you will lose your last hit points. This makes it a whole lot harder to win over time.

Every jellyfish has its own behavior. They are different in movement speed and also their attacks. Some can attack by mouth and some can attack the opponent with their tentacles or a combination of both. When you use your tentacles you can choose if you attack the opponent’s jellyfish bell, tentacles or a combination of both.

Only while you are able to attack your opponent with a catch move, you can attack him with a specific move. All tentacles will drain a part of your health but depending on your type of move you will always get health back.

Multiplayer battles are based on a matchmaking system. Once you are within range of your opponent you can choose to play against them. You can choose to play in free for all battles or in the following two modes:

1: two players versus two players mode.

2: two players versus five players mode.

You can set a few options for your multiplayer battle. You can increase the speed of your jellyfish, the speed of your opponents, or reduce the size of the arena.

Multiplayer battle settings:

1: “Team” mode with all players in one team

2: “Player” mode with 1 vs 1

3: “Random” mode with any number of players

You can also choose to play with one jellyfish or with two jelly


PiAwk [Updated] 2022

To play, a full-screen window needs to be set. To do so, click the right mouse button while the game is running. A keyboard shortcut of “ctrl+alt+dye” will do the trick. The window must be placed at the edge of the screen. You can place it manually, or in the top right corner of the screen.
The game also features settings to adjust the screen resolution. On most computers, it can be set to a resolution of 800×600.
The game supports mouse and keyboard for input and you can control play using the arrow keys.
The game uses controller support through Steam, and is available on PS4 and Xbox.
See details here:

In The World Of DYE, Hue must rescue an adorable little mouse named Pigments in order to restore the color to her world. It’s a challenging precision platformer where you help Hue rescue Pigments and defeat the nefarious Necrolights in order to restore color to the world! Jump, wall jump and float your way through 4 unique worlds with hundreds of challenges. Anyone from first-time platform gamers to experienced hardcore speedrunners will find a rewarding test of skill in saving Hue’s homeworld.DYE has tight and responsive controls, and has been balanced around the use of a controller. Full keyboard support is available, but spare your hands and sanity (seriously), and use a controller. DYE has native support for all common controllers including Xbox, Steam, PS4, and most others.What others are saying”The controls are so slick. its a difficult game but I feel like i have total control” – TGH_Plays – “The sounds, the music, the levels. it just all comes together so well” -Vellhart – “This was quite a journey. peaked at the right amount of difficulty” – Yagamoth – “The soundtrack in this game is magnificent!” – Tehjman1993 – “Its genius, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s really evil as well!” – Krazyman50 – Features56 levels (560 total pigments to collect)8 skins, unlockable by achievementLeaderboards for all versions of individual levels and speedruns4 worlds with unique boss fightsHard Mode versions of each levelChallenge levelsScaling difficulty from beginner to expert levelOriginal 18 track soundtrack (55 minutes)AchievementsTrading cardsWhat’s In Each World?Each world contains


What’s new:


    Straight Battler 6 was developed on the original PlayStation by a team of four people. Visuals are basic and it runs on PlayStation 2 hardware. Is it worth adding to your PS2 collection?

    Straight Battler is back! It has been 13 years and many fans are tired of seeing the battles of battlers past. However, this time should be a pleasant surprise as Straight Battler 6 updates the graphics engine to make your battles look more realistic, now on PlayStation Portable.

    Find out how the team of four created a new visual studio to rival that of its predecessor, and how it translates on the PlayStation Portable platform.

    Straight Battler isn’t so much a beat ’em up as it is an RPG strategy hybrid. You’ll fight your opponents in real-time. However, you also control your character’s attributes. You’ll be able to set them to any of 10 skills over seven stages that are standard, evil, and defense.

    Game development can be a long, arduous process. Story development can play its part as a challenge, testing your skill and determination. However, development on a game like Straight Battler is especially tricky. Development is unlike any other challenge; it’s teamwork, managing resources (even to the point of having your own budget), and a level of patience that only the developer type can undertake.

    Take the scenario, for example. We’re working to update Straight Battler’s graphics engine. To begin with, we recreate the battle system from the previous generation to match the current PSP generation. If we can reproduce the environment and characters from the first game, we’ll be able to freshen up the graphics engine, leaving a visually pleasing result. However, if we go down the route of simply porting the battle system and environments, we can’t guarantee much of a difference or satisfaction – and that’s what we’re going to attempt to do.

    Another problem is to replicate the sound. There’s no story music or sound effects. We had the sound effects recorded in the original game, but if we re-record the sound now, and release the game with the re-recorded sound, we won’t get the PSP-native sound play while still having the old sound effects play.

    In short, we’ve rushed to the task of porting the game and don’


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    Pool Champion is a pool table game that you can play by yourself, or in cooperations with another player.
    The game features three game styles (Single-Payer, Coop-Payer, and Solo-Player)
    There are six rule variations in Total Shot Control (TSC) mode (Normal, Semi-TSC, and Off).
    An explosive power-up lets you toggle between normal TSC and total control (TSC) on and off. This feature is only available in Mode 1 and Mode 2, and it is switched off when the player is using Mode 3.
    There is a training mode available, and when played properly, it can provide training for each of the three game styles, as well as showing the scoring info. (Only the first eight shots are displayed)
    The game has a variety of modes: easy, normal, hard, and expert. Each mode features the same three rule variations as the single player, but with different timing options.
    The game will also play on the Able Player, which allows for two players to play on one console. You can choose between Game 1 or Game 2 in the player selection menu.
    The game also uses the Generation 2 generation marker chips.
    This game can support a multiplayer of up to 5 players.
    This game is rated: E for Everyone.

    Play as Jack or Laura from the MYST series, and solve deep puzzles, fight dark creatures, and discover hidden rooms in this all-new point-and-click adventure.
    The city of Ravensbruck in 1945, where you must discover the truth about Sarah and find your way out of this bleak place. Immerse yourself in an exciting point-and-click adventure with a dark story about grief and loss. Solve puzzles, explore environments, search for clues, talk with characters, fight enemies, and uncover secrets and mysteries, as you solve murders and escape from the Nazis.
    The game contains two playable characters: Jack & Laura. You must choose the right character to follow the clues, and solve puzzles.
    Purchase to unlock all game content, including the base game and both DLCs.
    Replay-ability with new game worlds and opportunities
    Two playable characters: Jack and Laura
    Explore Ravensbruck in 1945
    Play as two different characters with two separate stories
    An amazing story full of dark mysteries and mysteries
    Intuitive controls and upgrades
    Experience the story with full English voice over
    Get the best of two games


    How To Crack:

  • Download nbcsapp.zip file
  • Unzip nbcsapp.zip file and extract it, by default it should be in ‘nbcsapp’ folder
  • Copy nbcsapp folder to firefox’s chrome
  • Launch the firefox and launch chrome
  • Mark ‘'’ upon the prompt shown there
  • Open firefox and launch nbcsapp
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  • Install manually
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  • Login with your account and enjoy the game

How To Crack Gamesapprs.smx

  • Download gameapprs.smx
  • Run the file to download
  • Select your language.
  • Select ‘Install’- ‘…’
  • Select ‘Swallow’ as you doing kind of install by default (Tashkin)
  • Wait for installation finished.
  • Select ‘Exit’ in main file's context menu to exit from the program

How To Play:

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