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Classicube is a block game where, for the most part, I try to do what I want and explore what I want. Within the sandbox aspect, I create complex worlds, look for ways to get what I want, and look for what I like. I use the community to help me explore and find what I like. I’m constantly adding new types of elements, new features, new interactions, and so on.
Is the game done yet?
When will I get to finish this game? Who cares.
Will I ever get to finish this game?
Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. You’re a part of this, and as long as you keep playing, I’ll keep adding. This is my sandbox. Let’s play.
Classicube is free.
Here is Classicube’s site.
See you on the ledge.

Sandbox games have been around for years now. Classicube has created a excellent sandbox game in ClassiCube that will keep you entertained for hours at a time.

ClassiCube includes such features as:

Rendering Quads:
Users can change which quads render in the game. This is so users can control what type of worlds they play in.

Placing Blocks:
Users can place blocks of different sizes on the floor.

Deleting Blocks:
Users can delete blocks they do not wish to use.

Chatting with other players:
Users can chat with other players.

Simple Networking Protocol:
Users can communicate with each other. This allows users to share ideas, discuss ideas, or simply say “hey, there’s that block again.”

Hundreds of creative and inventive worlds to explore online:
Users can explore different worlds, both large and small.

Growing Community:
ClassiCube is a very well developed sandbox game. Over time, more and more people will play the game.

Hundreds of hours of entertainment:
This sandbox game will never run out of content.

I have created this sand box, the classiCube. Please help me add features to it. Add your own features as you see fit.
This sandbox is free. This sandbox is open. Any sort of object is a possibility. (Sparklers, powerful tools)
(How to play: Right click)
(How to play: Drag)

Left click – to place objects.
Left click with the Alt key – to


Pit Blocks 3D Features Key:

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    Edit: Missed an important bit from previous post. Yeah, it’s a bit funny.
    Edit #2: I’m a bit out of practice with this forum. The letter I use as punctuation was the actual “laugh” button. And yes, it is deliberate. It’s a reference to a Seinfeld episode where Jerry is asked about his dating life and he proceeds to say, “I’m good with the laughing, thank you very much. Some people I can’t laugh. Wait…


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    There were things going on but the lack of plot really hurt the experience. The big “oh no


    Pit Blocks 3D [2022]

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