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In Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, the world has been plunged into a violent conflict as humanity is threatened by the goddess Evileye and her soul gem, Black Heart. A group of courageous heroes known as the Decade fights to stop Evileye from breaking the world’s balance, but even they aren’t strong enough to stop the goddess’ madness.
With each passing day, Black Heart’s power grows and the gods search to find a way to destroy it.
Now, after three years of battle, the heroes have struggled to defeat the goddess, but the battle has weakened their bodies to a point where they can no longer keep fighting. The only chance they have is to try and find a way to seal Evileye inside a Black Heart. This is the burden the heroes—including the legendary hero Moru—are forced to accept.
The struggle to seal Evileye inside a soul gem continues as the heroes struggle to unlock the ultimate trump card that will turn the tide of the war!
Special Skills
Goddess Black Heart Pack
Black Heart is a well-known tool of the goddess Evileye. She is known for using her sharpened clamshells to stab and slice the lives of her victims.
Wicked Clamshell
In order to activate Black Heart, you must open the clamshell using this skill.
After you open the clamshell, the corresponding effect will begin.
–Activating Black Heart will consume 10 of your fusion energy to activate one of the following effects.

Chibi Goddess

Chibi Goddess is a short form of the goddess that appears a small size. Using her attack, she will shoot out your sword as well as your talisman. This is a very strong attack that can easily cause damage to most enemies.
Chibi Goddess
Chibi Goddess is a short form of the goddess that appears a small size. Using her attack, she will shoot out your sword as well as your talisman. This is a very strong attack that can easily cause damage to most enemies.
–Reducing the activation time of Chibi Goddess by 1 second.

Black Blood Claws

Black Blood Claws is a special attack that will allow you to slash a powerful attack across your surroundings. Through the use of the talisman, you will also attack enemies.
–Using this attack will consume 15 of your fusion energy to increase the damage to the enemy by


Plokoth Features Key:

  • Rule-compatible with the Original Battlezones.
  • Only three Actors (enemys) can be at the table at the same time.
  • The Human Team can choose up to three Team Members.
  • The Teams are already preseved onthe Tickets.
  • Automatic Deployment of Humans (party members) on the bigger Tickets is automatic.
  • The Human Team and Team Members are activated when all three Humans are on the Original TitlePage.
  • The Human Team and all their Members can be,j,b,i,uactivated differently, and only the Team Members can be called / notified.
  • The default setup is Human activated and party members deactivated.
  • Players can edit the Team Charactors after they are queued.
  • Variable SizeTable
  • Two Table types.
  • 1. Human Activated

    This is the default setting as it activates the Human Team and all other Humans on the Ticket. As they are not party members they can always come / go and are activated / deactivated by the Team Leader.

    The Team Leader has to be one of the Humans to activate the Human Team.

    Note: For now, two Humans can not be activated for the same Ticket.

    For a Beta version of this feature you must use the Beta mod. If you want to use the beta and your ticket is already used, you have to export the ticket with the original mod and re-import it with the Beta version.

    Human activation with the Beta mod requires your team leader to be a this person

    2. Party Members Activated


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    Plokoth [2022]

    Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to navigate the map. To move, press A. Q is Zoom out, Shift + A is zoom in.Elements in the game:
    -A large forest with a lot of interesting places, paths and plants to harvest
    -A Survival Simulator
    -Explore the forest, hunt, get food, build a shelter, fight animals, cook

    In a future society, all human emotions have been removed.Transhumanism seeks to eliminate humanity’s limitations and reverse-engineer the mind.I am a human being, and I put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger.

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