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Roblox is an online platform for user-generated video games and animated characters that are based on a sandbox, user-driven creative process. It is free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux.
Roblox is designed for online, real-time play between two or more users, with a single Roblox server hosting multiple games and multiple characters. The games themselves are coded in the Roblox programming language and are completely driven by the user through a set of functions (including built-ins), variables, and command blocks.
Roblox servers are accessed over an Internet connection through a web browser or mobile app, and this connection is secured through a Virtual Private Network. The server is run on a dedicated computer that uses hosting services from DigitalOcean.
The user interface and graphics are programmed through the Roblox Studio app. Roblox games can be accessed through a mobile or desktop browser on the client side, but the majority of players access the game through a dedicated Roblox client app for iOS or Android.
Roblox offers several different game genres, including games in which users create their own virtual characters (known as “robots”) and custom items. Other user-created content includes worlds, art, roleplay scenarios, and social communities.
Online Play:
Roblox functions as an online gaming platform that allows players to interact in real time with each other. Many titles are played in the same server, but other servers can be created for private play.
The typical Roblox game begins when an initial user broadcasts an invitation to other users. The first player is known as the “host” of the game. When the host accepts the invitation, the game session starts and the host can choose to make their character visible to other users, or remain hidden. It is also possible to host private games, in which only the host and another user can play. In such cases, other users can join the game later on, but cannot manipulate any of the hosts’ controllers.
During the game session, the host is able to “command” the other users. The host can communicate directly with the players, either through chat or by using voice, video, or text. The host is able to place other users’ robots into positions relative to each other, and the users can manipulate these positions. The players can also add objects and change the environment through scripting.
The game session ends when one of the users terminates it by clicking on


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Destroy every thing.


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Enter the wizard.


Create 2 baons for yourself


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Mod /


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