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Put.io Download Manager 2.4.25 Free Download [Latest]

put.io is a free to use, cloud-based storage that allows you to upload files to the internet without any limitations like a premium account. No registration is needed to download the files you save.
The put.io is a fast, reliable and secure cloud-based file storage service. Put file directly from your local computer to your internet-connected device by transferring them through a web browser.
Download & share videos and movies directly from put.io, or store them in the free put.io account.

You can choose a background color for the menu bar.
The option to delete the selected item from the server.
Disable the automatic download features when transfer is completed.
The ability to upload multiple files to the put.io server.
Set download speed

Add or Remove Subtitle

Add or Remove Subtitle

Edit or Delete Subtitle

Undermine (Select file and put inside) files

Highlight the appropriate file & select Download now

Upload to put.io

Download from put.io

Highlight & save(Select file)

Default Subtitles

Choose file to download(Default subtitle)

Download the ‘Default Subtitle’ for all the video files you downloaded from put.io


All the features are enabled

The file size should be less than 1 MB

You can connect to your put.io account using your web browser

The program is for the personal non-commercial use only

The program doesn’t support to copy the downloaded subtitle files to your computer

If you have any query on using the program, we will assist you immediately.

My review:

Your title makes me think, could you make a video downloader?

Why didn’t you reply on my support?

What does the review mean to you?

Svetlin Abramov

July 25, 2019 09:48 am

Without any of the “common” drawbacks of other similar programs I decided to give it a try. And I must say, the software impressed me as it instantly displayed the time-stamped list of all recent files that I could download to my Windows PC. Although, I was honestly surprised that the software didn’t take more time to log on to put.io and allow me to download files from there (which, apparently, I can do at any time without any prior registration

Put.io Download Manager 2.4.25 Crack

split and
convert video files to any container with a one-click.

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Put.io Download Manager 2.4.25

1) Work directly on put.io servers by picking a folder on your computer.
2) Set the download schedule, select file types and file sizes.
3) Back up completed transfers to your machine or an external drive.
4) Create a watch list so you can perform searches.
5) Add, remove or delete folders to keep the accounts clean.
6) Connect to the put.io server or disconnect easily.
7) Launch your downloads automatically when you are connected to put.io.
8) Do real-time checks to keep you informed.
9) Keep the download history.
10) Send any torrent to the put.io downloader to add them to the folder.
11) Download from your local hard drive.
12) Tune your download speed.
13) Keep the download history.
14) Download file size.

Free up your downloads with put.io Download Manager. Download free downloads.
Download Manager gives you a convenient way to download and maintain torrents that were downloaded.
Download Manager is designed to be a lightweight download manager with as few features as possible. There is one purpose. To give you that little extra time between you pressing the download button and you loading the torrent in your torrent client.
Download Manager is basically a progressbar containing all your torrents. It also contains a file list with the common folder structure you will find on most torrent sites.
The program supports downloading from put.io, azure.com, napisy.pl, and torrent sites that use.torrent files as standard. The program can also be used to upload and download trackers.
Download Manager is a free download manager and also comes with the ability to backup & restore your downloads.
New in version v2.0:
Added folder watchlist.
Added tile mode for the file list.
Added supports showing the type of the files from the file list.
Added support for unlimited concurrent connections and streams.
Added support for changes in the server during the connection.
Added support for changing the current directory of your torrents.
Added support for hosting files from a local directory (using the ‘Add local files to folder’ function).
Added support for operating with.torrent files from local directories.
Added support for skipping due to conflicts with smaller files.
Added support for limiting total speed.


What’s New In Put.io Download Manager?

put.io Download Manager is a small Windows application whose purpose is to monitor the put.io servers for new files and download them to your computer. put.io is a cloud storage service able to download torrents in an online space.

Portable running mode

Portability brings some benefits to your system. You can run the program directly on your computer without following an installation process and having administrative privileges.

What’s more, it doesn’t leave any registry entries in the Windows registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices and carry it with you.

Since this is a Java-based utility, you need to firstly deploy the working environment on your computer in order to make it work.

User interface

put.io Download Manager sports a user-friendly layout that reveals a list with the out.io folders, watch list, as well as information about each file, such as filename, type, size, creation date and status.

Additionally, you are allowed to add, remove the selected folder or delete all items with just one click, connect or disconnect to/from the put.io server, limit the total download speed, open the saving directory where the downloads are saved directly from the main window, and reset the download session.

Rich suite of configuration settings

put.io Download Manager bundles a multitude of dedicated parameters for helping you download default subtitle automatically when a download is started and add UTF-8 header to the downloaded subtitle if it’s not included. The subtitles are grabbed directly from the put.io server, renamed after the video files and copied to the same directory where the corresponding video is stored.

What’s more, you can alter the connection settings by specifying the access token, tweaking proxy parameters, automatically checking the server at a custom time, and deleting empty subfolders (in order to keep the account clean).

You are given the option to run the utility at Windows startup, enable the automatic download mode, automatically wipe downloaded files on the server in case of a successful connection, enter the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, skip the download if the file size is smaller than a given value, and limit the total download speed.

There’s also support for conflict settings so you can make the app download again, skip or skip and delete items that are already grabbed and overwrite, as well as skip, skip and delete from the server, skip in case of same file size

System Requirements For Put.io Download Manager:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 3.4 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2600, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with MIDI output
Additional Notes: Will run on older operating systems (i.e. Windows XP SP3) if the graphics card is not compatible or if


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