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What it’s all about:
Unity and Illustrator draw unbridled imagination, and the game that is made of it.
Follow Resolutiion’s turbulent road from the initial creation of the game to its release in the public. Hear the vision of the two developers, hear their artistic thoughts, watch their fascination of videogames.
You will here the beginnings of the project and the many stages of development until the end of the game.
Between the pages of the artbook you’ll find dozens of in-game screenshots and some concept art.
This is a unique concept for a game artbook, but it is also perfectly possible. Not every game needs 20 pages of concept art, and the beauty of pixel art cannot only be appreciated through screenshots.
Through exclusive interviews with the developers, this book will tell you how the game came to be.
Where it comes from:
The game began as a simple concept to put into Unity, a game the concept that we dreamed of.
As time passes by, and the game was developed, we started to see the distance of the two game worlds, different yet connected and was it a game.
The more time the game continued, the more it showed us its intricacies and our happiness of having more time to develop.
The game was made to be a game, a work of art and a dream come true, where the players connect their emotions to a great game, and part with them.
What it does:
Here is all about the concepts the game is based on.
You can here about all the thoughts that formed the game.
In the end, it’s more than just a game concept, even though it has many elements of a game.
The book is printed from the original files in the game so everything is sharp and looks great, no pixel art has ever been printed this way before.
You will find here the concept for the characters, the characters animations, the creatures, and how we made them from the ground up.
There’s over 300 pages of great pixel art, and detailed interviews with both brothers, talking about their inspirations, their thoughts, their ambitions, and their love for videogames.
Early tests with the concept art, concepts, meeting minutes, and concept art for the aliens.
What players will find:
The artbook concept is different than other concept art books.
Players will find here all the concepts that define Resolutiion from the very start.


Q’Redux Features Key:

  • Short Title : Falcon Game
  • Game Category : Action


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Go and fight for the throne!
Go on the warpath and make your escape!
You can have your own opinion about the election!
Why didn’t the government place you in prison?
Do they not trust you?
Did they lock you up for no reason?
Do you know who is setting you up?
The Chancellor says it is full of spies and double-dealers.
But what if it is all a charade?
I’m waiting for you at the launch of the games!
About the characters:
Go through the game and make friends with your own character!
While playing with the character, you will discover its weaknesses and strengths.
That is the secret of success!
You’ll have many opportunities to demonstrate your courage, prudence, wisdom, skill, nerve, initiative and persistence.
I strongly advise you to think before you act, and then go for the grab!

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There is a lot of tanks and fun to play.
This game is my first complete game, others are still in development.
Simple controls:
Press a,s,d to rotate, up and down to move.
Press the arrow keys to move.
Special Features:
This game have levels with exploding barrels, with clocks, crazy animals as well as all animations I’ve added.
Download link:

Steam, Google Play and the App Store :
Like and I will see you later 🙂

How to win a game of FireTry. Here are tips to play FireTry.
* Learn: how to play FireTry.
* Learn: Game basics.
* Learn: Game tip and tips for beginners.
* Learn: tips and tricks for winning.
FireTry (Fire TankTest) gameplay play at the beginning of the video.
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Game Let Miers
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What’s new:

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    Objective, mission and corporate values
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    This is simulator of a Civilization game, but on a desert planet.
    You will have a choice of three different groups of characters. You start every new game in a new epoch. The game usually starts out with some random map size, then you can change the size with a mouse click.

    You start in a new epoch, and can go back to past epochs later.
    There are 3 different player characters :
    – Roundones
    – Yeti,
    – Droid,
    Every roundon has initial health to start out with, and he will also randomly have one of 3 basic weapons: (1) Axe (2) Mace (3) Machete.
    You can buy most of the roundone weapons, that’s where money comes in. If you don’t have money, you use food instead.
    Roundones are great : you can be one of these :
    – Shepherd,
    – Nomad,
    – Hunter,
    – Smelter,
    – Conveyor,
    – Miner,
    – Builder,
    – Scientist,
    – Adventurer,
    – Scientist.
    You will start out with a common task : ‘explore the map’, looking for resources, gold and precious stones. Over time you will be able to get different currencies, and if you search a lot you will also discover other nodes, where you can put’relays’ (like radio towers) or ‘buildings’ (like your house). You can later buy from Builders new building types, like: Elevators ( to go higher up on the map), Ladders (for reaching to other side of map, that is not a natural pass), etc.
    Yetis are a great source of resources. You can turn them into food, or hide them from being hunted.
    Yetis can also cover large area and reach even hard to reach nodes, like: mountains, or lava flow. You can also hunt for Yetis if you wish.
    Droid are like Yeti’s, but are limited in reach, and there are more variety of weapons, you can call them if you wish.
    There are a lot of powers you can use. Each time you create new game, you are given a power to choose, and you will be stuck to this power for some time. You can try different choices, to see what fit your playstyle. For example:

    – you can create giant blobs


    How To Install and Crack Q’Redux:

  • Download downloaded file temple-oftaxiala.exe from the link given above.

  • Please read the readme.txt file to understand instructions on how to install it.

  • Now place the downloaded file into the directory that has been created on your hard drive

  • Run the exe file.

  • Enjoy Game

  • Thanks Temple of Xiala Team

Game Screenshot




System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Additional Notes:
System requirements may be subject to change.
We strongly recommend using Steam Controller with this game.
You can find Steam Controller information at:



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