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ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN (ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN) is a new standalone expansion of Ace Combat™ that unites the open-world gameplay of the main game with the advanced capabilities of the ACE COMBAT™ Combat Evolved: Black Maria Suite of military aircraft that have been released since. It features more than 25 new aircraft across three different game modes, new enhanced gameplay mechanics such as the ability to perform mid-air combined turns, a new helicopter-based gameplay mode and much more.
About Wayforward Technologies:
Developer and publisher Wayforward Technologies is a Hollywood and interactive game developer based in Vancouver, Canada. With over a decade of experience, Wayforward develops and publishes games on multiple platforms. You can learn more about Wayforward and its games at
About the ACE COMBAT™ series:
For fans of all-out action, the ACE COMBAT™ series is the ideal game for your next flight action experience. To date, the series has sold over 3 million units worldwide.

Versus Mode (VS):
The VS mode supports up to 4 players in offline and up to 8 players online. This is a campaign mode where players go through a diverse range of missions and fight against a variety of AI opponents in a series of constantly advancing missions. Players can choose from different Strike modes, including “Forward Air Attack,” “Attack from the Front,” “Attack from the Rear,” “Team Attack,” “Tactical Ground Attack,” and “Shield Extraction.”

Survival Mode (SP)
Survival mode (SP) is a mode where players earn points by destroying enemies and accomplishing objectives, while destroying their own forces. Players can also earn bonus points for completing certain objectives and destroying an enemy helicopter.

Single Player (SP)
Single player allows players to explore the world of Ace Combat in a single mission scenario. Players can choose from three different Strike modes, including “Forward Air Attack,” “Attack from the Front,” “Attack from the Rear,” “Team Attack,” “Tactical Ground Attack,” and “Shield Extraction.”

Premium Upgrade:
There are three ways for you to upgrade your jet. The advanced fighter jet has the ability to perform mid-air combined turns and the ability to activate a missile lock function when you are locked on to an enemy aircraft. As you earn more experience points, you will be able to unlock additional upgrades:
•Advanced Fighter Jet:


Retrowave Drift Features Key:

  • Rar File – RAR/7-zip compatible archive
  • ZIP File – Windows compatible.
  • Sudden-Death-Cheats (Save game) – Have an idnoe? Help yourself.

How to install?

  • Unpack the archive and run the program. It’s about 15 mb.


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Agent 9 is a retro style, top down, bullet hell game with unique bosses and a varied skill based gameplay experience. You play as an agent of the Enigma Order who is tasked with stopping the threat of a global arms race between two rival groups.
The Enigma Order is comprised of four agents: Agent 9, Agent 11, Agent 13, and Agent 16. Agent 9 is the newest agent on the team and has a challenging but fair gameplay style. The four agents are sent on missions to eliminate the threat of the Arms Race, discover hidden secrets, and win as many hearts as possible.
When you begin your mission, you are placed on the exact same level as Agent 9. As you complete levels, you can unlock new levels. These levels can be played on their own or, if you choose, you can unlock new levels by collecting Heart Gems which are earned throughout play. The more hearts you collect, the faster you can unlock new levels.
While gameplay is skill based, and the levels get progressively harder as you progress, heart collection is not required. Although you’re given a set number of lives, you’re able to have infinite hearts, which can be used to power your weapons. Once your hearts reach a set level or you lose a life, a heart is destroyed and it has to be recharged. To recharge your hearts, you must do a series of tap moves to charge them. Each level will have a “charge countdown” to save time. You can also buy random hearts from the store, which will also boost your hearts.
The game includes 40 unique levels, 16 boss fights, and a variety of weapons to collect along the way.
Each level has a unique theme, with original art, sound and music. You can also earn hearts by finding secret areas, and by overcoming challenge levels, which offer progressively harder challenges.
The game is designed to last you for hours and hours.
You can also play in a smaller window mode if you’d like to appreciate the art and minimalism of the game.
It’s got the retro feel of old games you used to play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) but it’s also very modern.
Updated the game’s assets to support future updates.
Optional development resources are available.

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Community Spotlight: The TerraformerChris Peterson, community manager, Deep Rock Galactic – Deep Rock Galactic Community Spotlight: The Terraformer

This guy has been working really hard on really challenging/complicated new builds and they just keep getting better. If you’re not familiar with his many builds already, why not check out his DevLogs? This guy is a true inspiration to us all.

Happy Gaming!

Don’t forget to visit the GR4NM website!

“This land is as fair and as calm today as it was when its first explorers took possession of it. It has been their inheritance these many years, and it is now yours.”


Deathmatch: Big Win

The First Match in our Collection


After everyone was satisfied with the Dark Future Pack, we decided that we wanted to do something really big in terms of a Match. We want to present to the community a nice big box of Special Things. Something we didn’t just put together for fun. Something we believe will be satisfying to build and even more satisfying to play. We took a look at the many elements that we thought would go into the ideal Deathmatch, and created some components that we think will be perfect for you. We don’t want this to become some ridiculously difficult or uber-complicated Match, that you can only do once or twice a year. To that end, we set our goal to have a Match that is not overly difficult or overkill for most players. It’s more about bragging rights. Yes, it is challenging, but at the same time, it’s not the sort of thing that requires multiple hours to craft and multiple days to play. That said, a single match can yield many, many hours of fun, if that’s your thing.

Because this is an ambitious collection of items, we decided it’d be great if we had more than one Match. A second match was added, but we also wanted to have a potential difficulty range, so that players have a choice of choosing the most desirable difficulty for themselves. We also felt that having the ability to pick a difficulty would be helpful for players who may be wanting to experience a “standard” match for the first time. So, we’ve set it so that you have a range of difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. We also wanted a third option that is a throw-


What’s new in Retrowave Drift:

The U.S. Northeast habitat for Flight Simulator X includes a total of 4,712.1 square miles over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The Add-Ons of Flight Sim X contain 3,693 square miles and include new airports, scenery, and with the Add-On Steam Edition, will have 2,560.1 square miles of terrain updates, new airports, and some of the most popular scenery. The Steam Edition will also have greater map coverage in the U.S. Eastern Skies region including the Great Lakes and Illinois.

The U.S. Northeast Add-On package is awaiting validation, and will be delivered next week if submitted. We will provide tutorials when verified. Please help spread the word to other FSX players to help us validate this add-on and help people find this DLC.

The U.S. Northeast add-on is nearly complete. Some airports on the Eastern Plains region need adjustments for FSX but the add-on will work in FS2004. Use the tutorial file and turn on the U.S. Northeast package. My Main Downloads:

1) From the IOIA servers you need to point to the IndieZone directory. (

2) Extract the zip file to a temporary directory.

3) When prompted, make sure that the folder path is the same as the directory.

4) Restart FSX to validate.

5) After valiating go to “my games” under File and you will see the folder “FSX-Steam-US-Northeast-AddOn-Package-IS-1.7”.

7) Copy the new files and the data file.

8) Delete the [Data] folder under the FSX-Steam-US-Northeast-AddOn-Package folder.

9) Copy the new data folder “DemoData” from the zip file to the Temp folder

10) Copy the data file found in the zip file to the FSX-Steam-US-Northeast-AddOn-Package folder under the Data folder

11) Edit the FSXEdit.cfg with notepad and navigate to [SteamLocals]

12) Add, “[USERDATA],mrxerfiles\Steam_U.S.Northeast_Add


Free Download Retrowave Drift 2022

– Two game play modes: Arcade and Survival.
– Unlockables: 74.
– Upgrade System: Get upgrades from the A.I.
– Click the screen to make Dolly jump
– Ride the elevators
– Freeze or Slow time
– Fast-forward to zoom out and examine a map.
– Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out
– (Open-ended) Play versus the computer
– Take screenshots
– Take pictures
– Save checkpoints
– Control the Camera: Move forward, backward, left, right, up and down
– Filter the camera
– Clear the image
– Activate voice
– Save the position
– Apply filters (Change Camera angle, Brightness, Contrast)
– Open the settings
– Change the color palette
– Walk Cycle
– (Open-ended) Save on levels
– (Open-ended) View replays
– Faucet trigger: Press F1 to freeze Dolly, press F2 to Slow time
– Save on levels
– (Open-ended) Replay
– (Open-ended) Replay
– (Open-ended) Replay
– (Open-ended) Replay
– (Open-ended) Replay
– Playlists:
– It has 4 playlists
Story Mode (Arcade Mode):
– Appear in the building at night and complete the mission before the morning gets too early
– The mission will be reset if you die
– If a room appears on the map, then you can explore the rooms during the night
– If a door appears on the map, you can explore the room during the night.
– If an elevator appears on the map, You can access it during the night.
– If the ladder appears on the map, You can climb it during the night
– If the bell appears on the map, You can hear the bell.
Survival Mode:
– Appear in the building at night and complete the mission
– The mission will be reset if you die
– You don’t have to explore the rooms or access the elevators
– You don’t have to hear the bell
– If a door appears on the map, you can access the room during the night
– If a ladder appears on the map, You can climb it during the night
– If the bell appears on the map, You can hear the bell.
You can purchase Dolly’s imaginary friends/Ghosts! Jester, Night Fairy,


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    System Requirements:

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    How do I install this mod?
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