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Roblox is a free online gaming platform. You are able to create your very own games while having access to a collection of over 24 million games. In addition to creating your own games, you are able to join games and play games that other people have created.

Players can join over one million games in nine genres ranging from action games to games focused on an aesthetic like paintball. In addition to games, Roblox has many building and customization tools for players to customize and decorate their games. Create a game, invite people to play your game, collect Robux and other virtual items in a free game, and share your game with friends.
To begin creating your own games, click the “Create Your First Game” button at the bottom of the homepage.

The first step in creating a game is to create the game world. At the bottom of the game, you are directed to a toolbox where you are able to create different game elements. These elements will include characters, objects, music, decorations, sounds, and a camera.
After the game world is created, the next step is to create game objects. Game objects can have attributes including the ability to destroy. After that, players can invite players to join their game. Once players have joined, players will be given access to the “My Games” page. This page gives the game creator a list of games and the ability to play, rate, and comment on games.

Create your own games and add features to Roblox!
Roblox allows users to create their own games, share them with friends and play games created by other users. Users can begin designing a game after choosing from a library of objects to use in their game. Once a game is created, players can play it and collect in-game items by playing the game and connecting to a network.

By the end of 2006, Roblox had over 1,000 games, but the majority of them were created by one person. In 2007, Roblox became an official game development platform and Roblox Inc was formed to support it. As of August 2019, Roblox has over 36 million users, and players have created over 24 million games.
The platform allows its users to create games and play them by connecting to the Internet. Players can play on the player’s web browser or from the mobile app.

Online gaming has grown rapidly since its inception, with a concurrent rise in the number of players, on both a


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This section contains a list of all the cheat codes you need to get the featuers listed at top. The code is the key you type in after you use the cheat but not the whole code. Some of these codes are single character and some are a few characters.

For cheat codes, we use the word cheat. You use cheat codes to enter cheats in your game. There are a lot of cheat codes and cheat codes! The level codes allow the cheat to bypass game levels and enter the Cheat Menu, the Cheat Ingame feature and or extra cheats. There are a lot of types of Cheat Codes and they will all give a different result and some are hard to use or expensive.

Recent cheats are approved and added to our list of codes and this section will always be updated.

Z-Code is a beginner to advanced trick and the letter is usually Z. There are lots of Z-code cheat codes out there.

zz-Part1-Wiz-P-P3/10-448945/0 means you pay for the latest version of The Next Level. You have to download the cheat and they are as following, part1, Wiz, Part3 and the number of Paypal payment. A lot of people use this cheating method.

Z-Character means you type Z when you go into the cheat codes screen and the cheat code you want to use is in the middle of the screen after your Z-Character has been typed.

ZZ-Character means you type Z and on the next line type in the cheat code you want to use. You have to watch your speed because it gives a warning if you typed too fast.

Z-Code works best at level 1-15.

YY-Number-8 means you make your cheat by typing in a 8 on the cheat code box and the cheat number comes up in the middle of the cheat codes screen.

m-Code means you type m and press enter. Most cheats have some sort of number that you have to pay for, use your IMEI number and type in the m-code. It is very rare to use m-codes to cheat. There are also m-codes for internet and you give up your Wi-Fi!

IMEI Number is the IMEI number which is on the back of your phone or SIM card. You can get this number from your phone phonebook.


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System Requirements:

Make sure to back up your game! Every time you launch it, you will lose your game because it’s like factory reset.

It will become illegal if it get reported.


First, I must say that, as of today, this app has no way of receiving more resources to offer to people. I could put in some automated programs to slowly abuse resources (that gets shut down automatically), or to find new ways to get resources (banned after being reported).

Second, this version was made to fill in gaps left by app developers who may want to limit robux/robux or make sure robux/robux gets replenished.

I do not have enough volume to be able to pay for servers to keep this app running. If anyone is going to host this app on their server, please contact me in private. After I’ve modified the server files, I will put it up on my server for whoever to download.



Updated saves

Updated robux-dl-list list


Updated server files

Added new Server

Added missing server link

Fixed crash when hostsetNum is too high

Removed unrented Money upon request


Fixed issue causing day to wrong time.


Made a new server that runs Unlimited Robux/Money for this app.

Added a bit more detail.

Added more detail about Unlimited Robux/Money.


I was getting inundated with robux/robux frauding.

I added a IP address check.

Added a filter for IPs that are known robux/robux frauding IPs.


Removed a few lines of code to speed up the app a bit.


RobuxSeed and RobuxList have been added to the url we use to sign in for the server.

Money is updated to 1.0.4 (Change Starts in Section).


Crap fixed!


Added a robux-dl-list

Fixed glitch in robux-dl-list

Added web wrapper


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