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Roblox, a free online game based on the Lua programming language, was founded in 2006 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel as a platform on which users can create their own games. Users can create games in several different genres, including role-playing games, massively multiplayer online games, simulations, and adventures. While many of the games are sandbox-style games in which players can take on any role, others are in a more linear fashion, with a hero avatar in the lead. The avatar has certain game-play statistics such as strength, dexterity, and health, and the user can manage the avatar’s appearance. As a developer, the user creates the game’s objects, physics, art, and music. Besides the creation of the game, the platform enables users to play other games and users’ games. Roblox was inspired by the MIT Game Lab’s Scratch and MOO programming environments, Minecraft, and Mega Drive/Genesis. Roblox is compatible with desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Roblox’s Player Studio interface allows users to submit a game to be reviewed and published by Roblox. Many non-gaming services are provided in addition to gaming, including a search engine, online community, and live collaboration for sharing ideas. In February 2014, Roblox introduced its cloud-based gaming service called Roblox Studio. Roblox does not require the use of a headset, and users can interact with other players through voice chat.
Roblox is a software platform, not a game in itself. At any given time, a player can enter a game hosted on Roblox and play the game for free. However, most Roblox users are players. Users can go to the website’s homepage, select an area of interest, such as “Pets”, “Fun”, or “Adventure”, and select the game type, ranging from simulations, adventures, and RPGs to shooters. Players of all ages can create a game; examples of games produced by Roblox users include animation films, story-based video games, and fighting games, among others. The game is first created in Roblox’s Player Studio, which users can purchase with Robux; then it is uploaded to the website. Game-savvy players are able to modify the code of the game so that they can introduce new features and make changes to the experience of the game. An example of a modification made to a Roblox game is the Street Fighter II-inspired Fighting Rob


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published:18 Aug 2014


In the game that you will play without limits, you have to catch a train and you have to catch the train in time (you can start late).
After the train ride, you’ll have to catch an airport bus and you have to catch the bus in time before it flies away.
Village Travel Guide and the map are in the game.
Please note, in the game you can only travel on the streets on foot and the only way to hop on a train or a bus is to pause the game and then choosing the next destination from the list…
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published:14 Jan 2018


Roblox is having a big announcement. JoinRyan and Roblox for the latest FreeRobux features. What’s new? What’s coming out? Why are we doing this?
Roblox is a place where anyone can create their own games and play them with others! You can make your own game


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Published on June 29, 2019

Mature Content Protection

Peppa Pig is safe for all ages

Peppa Pig is a 2D side-scrolling platformer game, developed and published by One Piece and Sora Ltd. Other than the main title, it also features the Peppa Pig – Big Pub Adventure & Peppa Pig Pinball. The following sections will describe about the details of each of the “Peppa Pig” titles that are included within the “Peppa Pig” title package.

Peppa Pig, Big Pub Adventure: Here we have the Big Pub Adventure. In this we have a whole new adventure – the story itself is based around Peppa’s family’s move to a new place, the new location is a place called Peppa’s Pub.

At the time of the Big Pub Adventure, the Peppa family moved to a new town called Peppa’s Pub. As with every venue, they were not very popular and were bullied quite a bit. However, with help from Mrs. Pig, Peppa and her friends manage to make the place a success and become the “hottest pub in town”. The characters make an appearance in the simulator game as well.

Peppa Pig Pinball: The title includes an unrelated pinball game. It involves the idea of collecting items from Peppa Pig and adding them to the pinball machine to increase the score. Not much gameplay is involved here.

Peppa Pig: With every game, not only do we see the characters from the TV show in the gameplay, but we also see new things that aren’t in the TV show and since the game takes place in the real world, we see new things that aren’t there, such as vehicles, rides and other things that will be of real use for the kids to play the game.

Gameplay: In the Big Pub Adventure, we see four kids who have been sent to Peppa’s Pub by their parents. Mrs. Pig and her family are friendly people and they show all the kids and their parents around the pub.

The player is controlling two of the kids and they have to fix the problems with the pub and their families. The houses have to be tidied and the furniture, plates and other things that are scattered around the pub have to be fixed so the people who visit the pub are happy and they don’t have to


What’s new:


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