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*For the first time in history, a free online game can do more than keep kids entertained in their bedrooms. With Roblox, players can create their own virtual worlds right in their browser. Players can go anywhere, do anything, and play with friends.
* Roblox games are authored in Lua, a lightweight programming language. They’re easy to build and inexpensive to run, so users can quickly get started on their creative journey.
* Players use digital currency, Robux, to buy props, clothing, and accessories for their avatar. In-game, players can rub shoulders with famous Roblox game developers, trade ideas with other users, and visit community centers to hang out with their friends.
* Roblox is controlled by rules called “Roblox Policies.” Every Roblox game must go through a review process to ensure that it complies with the policies. The community can vote on which games to approve so every game enjoys a level playing field.

Also there are some applications that robux can’t be exchange to actual money, so in some cases a robux can buy a cake or some other item. But you can only get those items with real money, instead of robux
Other Alternative Robux
* SKrill:Skrill is a digital wallet that lets you send and receive money anywhere in the world. They charge lower transaction fees than VISA and MasterCard.
* PayPal: PayPal is an online payment service for all major credit cards and e-Checks.
* Paysafecard:Paysafecard is a prepaid card with no additional fees. The card is prepaid so you never pay anything until you want to and then you use it at a million online stores like, iTunes, and Nike.

How to earn Robux Fast
Yes, there is way to earn robux.
You can find all type of shops, sites that sell robux. The more you visit the more robux they pay you in the game and every visit help you earning robux.

You earn robux in the game by just playing the game and going to the page where robux are selling and clicking buy robux. This robux you are buying you will be use in the game so you can spend money in the game.

For example, if you got 1500 robux you can’t spend them in the game, you can do it only later at some point, when you have extra robux.


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Explaining a method being used in an interview question

I am looking to supplement my resume with a code review/interview question that I am good at, but I am having a hard time to interpret it.
The question is
Write a function to find the Least Common Denominator of two large numbers. Use the following code as a guideline, but don’t worry about the helper functions.

result = gcd(num_1, num_2);

Whenever the numbers you are working with are divisible by the value you are using to compare the values, you should replace that value with the next least common multiple. Keep doing this until the values are not divisible by any common multiple.
For example, with L1 = 5, L2 = 6 and L3 = 15, the answer is 11.
Below is my attempt, where am I going wrong?
public static int gcd(int num_1, int num_2) {
int result;
while (num_1 % num_2!= 0) {
result = num_1;
num_1 = num_2;
num_2 = result;
return num_2;


Try something like this:
public class Gcd {
private static final BigInteger ZERO = BigInteger.ZERO;
private static final BigInteger ONE = BigInteger.ONE;
private static final BigInteger MAJOR_LIMIT = BigInteger.valueOf(2);


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Also can’t get robux.
If anyone can help I would appreciate it

How are you the modded at the game? Sometimes is causing such storify either i’m on i haven’t figure out if it would be a problem or just a simple thing. But, it’s a simple thing if you wanna know. 😛

@prezydaniel Look on the platform yep, the balls the balls are getting darker and smaller instead of staying black. I’m using a mod ( Mod Manual ) but it doesn’t only happened the platform, it happens in the game speed. @josmartinjoyce thanks he’ll try it this week.

Gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is similar to other branches of the franchise. You have a MULTI-TIERED storyline, where each level has a main story, missions, collectibles, ‘modes’ and others. You will level up your weapons, have stats to level them up, etc.

On top of the gameplay, there is a Multiplayer/mission gameplay. You will fight with other players (5v5) and you can only have one weapon at a time (one per account).

The game is available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac.

If you want to play the game, your best bet is to buy it on Playstation. Though you can purchase both Xbox and PC copies of the game, and both platforms have their pros and cons.


The graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are quite detailed. The skin tones on the enemies are quite good and the environments look amazing.

To my opinion, the only things you can see that could be better are the window frames and some objects, (?)

I’m playing with the Tegra game engine which is optimised for the power of Tegra X1. The graphics are amazing.

For the PlayStation 4 Pro, the graphics are of 1080p and also the picture/sound quality is fantastic.

The PC/Xbox version of the game is, unfortunately, the one in 4K. But still, 1080p/60fps, the graphics are fantastic and the picture/sound quality is quite good.

Awareness and Patrolling

See the above screens about the awareness.

If you activate Awareness, you will be notified by the map of the enemies that are near you.

And it


What’s new:


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Or do you have to know someone with a Robux account to have free robux?

Or are there websites that allow you to get free robux to your account without having to shell out real money?

But how is free robux possible?
What are some of these free robux websites that are out there?

Can anyone answer these questions?

Not looking for some free robux generator that is set up by some scammers with some hidden ties to your account.

Now, I am not asking if you can find free Robux. If you are a seasoned player that has earned more than 30 000 Robux and you don’t even know if you can get free robux.

And I am not talking about Hacked Robux like the ones that are out there.

No, I want to talk about legitimate free robux websites that are not set up for scammers with hidden ties to your account.

But, where I can find free robux online for my account.

Basically, I want to know how to get free robux on Roblox as legit as I can get them.

I want to know how to get free robux and I want to know about which websites are legit and which ones are not.

I’m sure there is a lot of software out there where you pay for it. You can find people that will do this for you and they will create a text document and your Robux will be waiting in your text document.

But I want to find a website where you pay for it but it is legit and legit to the fullest extent.

Now, I want to see pictures on that legit Robux website. I want to know that Robux website is legit so I do not get scammed.

I want to be able to find a Robux website that will give me free robux instead of having to spend my money on some scam website.

I want to know that the website is legit.

Now, I want to know which website is legit to my credit. Which websites do I have to think twice about opening my credit card to a website and giving them money?

And I also want to know which websites do not need to have your credit card and where you can get robux from.

If you do not know about Robux then this article will help you understand Robux.

As you know Robux


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How do you get Unlimited Robux in your Roblox?

How do I get Unlimited Robux from Android using the Roblox MOD apk? Once you download the file above it requires an open internet connection and not a robot/robot robot (robotics). It simply replaces the ROBLOX Mod with a ROBLOX Unlimited mod. Now, if this is anything like my last Roblox hack, it will only give you limited access to about 5% of the games. Once you use them up you will need to reboot the app to get more.


With how popular ROBLOX is becoming (all you kids out there) you are bound to run out of robux. Here is the deal with this hack. We included the ROBLOX Unlimited Mod so you never run out of robux.

You need a method to add robux to your ROBLOX game. We added a button on the main screen where you can click, scroll down, and add robux to any game.

So, this is about the same thing as the ROBLOX Customer Service Phone Number, except it is for robux. You need to buy roblox robux from our merchants. (I am talking about the robux I hold in my post about the ROBLOX Hack).

The ROBLOX Unlimited MOD APK will not work on any devices that do not have the latest version of the ROBLOX Unlimited game installed. Download the ROBLOX Unlimited MOD APK from above the link and start playing with the robux.

If you are wondering what type of android device you need (robot, robot, robot). I say android because robux is only for use on android devices. The ROBLOX Mod will not work on any other type of gaming device (iOS or PC).

If you own ROBLOX and do not know the ROBLOX Unlimited robot, then this is the URL to learn how to download it.

ROBLOX is a cartoon style game where you can build and share virtual items, or “roids”, with other users. You are free to build whatever you want with the limitless blocks available, and then share the creations with friends. The “robots” can level up by completing tasks and unlocking achievements. At the top-right corner of the screen, you can access profile management, profile avatars, and a number of utilities to


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