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also I tried many other changes like \,\r
, or }\r

I do not understand what is wrong in my code.
I also try \v/media/js/libs/core.min.js but nothing helped.


Your problem is that you’re trying to add a script element to an SVG, which is already present in the page. But in SVG, you can’t add script elements, since SVG renders as a text/html document, so you need to parse the contents of that element (or fetch the JS function from a script tag in another location), not from the inline script element.
So, even if you were successful in adding that script element, it wouldn’t be actually the case that script element is in the inline content of the SVG, but the script would be added to the page’s own script element, and would not be visible in the SVG.
But the actual problem is that you’re adding the script element to the inline content of the SVG in the first place. When you add a script element to the content of the inline SVG, you’re effectively adding it to the SVG document tree, and that’s completely different from adding it to the “window’s document” tree, and as soon as you add it to the window’s document tree, it’s visible in the SVG, which is why it’s taking the advantage of the script.
So, in short, you need to remove the inline script element you’re trying to add.
UPDATE: So, after your comment and the question now being clear, the answer is that you’re looking for a way to print the string including the script tag. I think you should be able to achieve that by fetching the script element from the page’s document, and printing the “code” string value of that element.

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