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The Last Cigarette (paleoanthropology) – nickfitz

From the article: “And so, of course, that’s why we’re all here today.” _That_
is why we’re all here… Because there was once a civilization that had no

That’s the title of the original HN submission:

Ha! Fixed… I misread it, but realized after posting. The title of this
submission is: The Last Cigarette.

This invention relates to a clamp for establishing a support for supporting workpieces while they are being machined or processed.
It is known to provide clamps and clamping devices for holding a workpiece or a workpiece support in place during a manufacturing process. In the past it has been required that the workpiece or workpiece support be rotated about the clamp’s axis of rotation in order to move the workpiece to the desired position to be worked on, if it is necessary to move the workpiece to a position other than the location at which the workpiece is initially placed. In order to accomplish this necessary rotation of the workpiece or workpiece support it has been required that the clamp include an attachment pivotably connected to the workpiece or workpiece support for allowing the workpiece to move rotationally about the axis of rotation. In addition, it has been necessary to provide a driving motor to allow the rotation of the workpiece or the workpiece support, either individually or in unison. It has also been necessary to provide flexible connecting means, such as cables, belts or the like for moving the workpiece or workpiece support from one location to another during the machining process.

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Sliding combo box in bootstrap

I have created a panel which has a drop down list:

Select Min:

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Simplifying and regrouping a set of lines in PHP

I’ve a text file (file.txt) that looks like this:
“id: ” 1,2,3,4
“name: “Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4
“time: “10:00,11:00,12:00,13:00
“weight: “50,54,68,61”
“weight: “54,68,61,50”

What I want to do is to select the id column and keep only the 3 last lines (I’m also excluding the line where it starts with “id: “)
What I’ve done for now is this:
foreach (file_get_contents(‘file.txt’) as $line) {
if (preg_match(‘/^”id: “/’, $line)) {
$new_id = explode(‘,’, str_replace(‘”‘, ”, $line));

foreach ($new_id as $id) {
$new_results[] = trim($line);
else if (preg_match(‘/^”name: “/’, $line)) {
$new_name = explode(‘,’, str_replace(‘”‘, ”, $line));

foreach ($new_name as $name) {
$new_results[] = trim($line);

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