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Name Student Union
Publisher kaelolde
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Rating 4.51 / 5 ( 2582 votes )
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You are the Prism Kid of the name Octus, a submarine object discovered in the depths of the ocean by the U.S.O. (Unidentified Submarine Objects).
They have hypnotized you so you learn how to jump from the smallest underwater puddle to the highest cliff, but you must immediately get rid of this strange effect since you have a mission to track down and pursue an important U.S.O. Mezmeratu, whose voice is stolen by a strange group of people in an aquarium.
As of right now, the only way you can know where he is at a certain moment, is by listening to the songs of 90s Punk Rock, and by using the time limit that the U.S.O. has given you to find him.
In order to find him, you must go to 5 worlds and find the hidden Mezmeratu that has been playing in their castle of the neck of a gigantic marlin fish.
After finding him, the cat and mouse will be very difficult, I know, but you will be able to control Octus with the force of a thousand nights, making the smallest jump, giving him advice to activate the best of his attributes.
You can jump to the greatest height, it all depends on you, by using all of your skills.
You can attack many enemies, even enemies that you will have to pass over a gap or ride over a mine, making the pieces of gravel go away from you and giving you the room to pass.
You can even attack from above the walls, by jumping from the area where you are going to fall and using a clamp so you can grab a tree and hang on until you reach the last level, just the way the monkeys do in Tetsunogatari Kage.
Be very careful, the entire world will be in danger because the U.S.O. are plotting a great plan to steal the voice of the large fish, therefore they will start chasing you so you must continue running as fast as you can to finally catch them.
+ The story has a random generator, so each time you play, the story will be different.
+ Hundreds of levels of varying dimensions and difficulties.
+ More than thirty-five thousand real levels.
+ There will be a boss for every time, but you must overcome them all to finish the game.
+ Multiple characters in eleven different levels.
+ Hallucinogen and morphing elements in the graphics


Name Student Union
Publisher kaelolde
Format File
Rating 4.51 / 5 ( 2582 votes )
Update (5 days ago)


Student Union Features Key:

  • Enter the world of Emoji 4 and learn the fun adventures of Emoji 4.
  • Just like Brave Emoji 4, he needs your help to rescue Emoji 3.
  • Lucky for Brave Emoji 4 that has magical powers,
  • just like Brave Emoji 3, he can fly, ride and solve all kinds of puzzles.
  • Discover the mystic who needs your help.
  • Go on fabulous extra-terrestrial adventures,
  • such as flying, roller-coasters and more!
  • Don’t let the mighty ocean stands in the way of an adventure,
  • throw his Emoji hat to the runaway monster Emoji 2,
  • go on a journey across different islands to find your friends,
  • see and collect millions of Emoji cards,
  • and much more!
  • Prepare for some Emoji fun!


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Ellacaster is a brand-new hotel game from GameHouse. The story is about the Cinderella and her stepmother, who’s planning to sell the house Ella grew up in. The workers, who are her family, want to preserve their home.
Ellacaster features an RPG story with over 60 story levels and 60 time management story levels. Challenge yourself as you control Ella, Cinderella’s sister.
Use your time management skills to complete all the tasks in the hotel efficiently. You’ll do more than just assist guests with their check-in! You’ll need to help the hotel staff with cleaning rooms, helping out in the bar, keeping up with all the paperwork.
In this time management story game, you’ll be in charge of the entire hotel as it grows from a one-star hotel to a two-star hotel.
How will the hotel grow in this time management game?
Welcome new guests.
Promote it on social media.
Renovate the rooms and make sure everything’s running smoothly.
Make sure the employees are happy.
Customize the interior and menus of the hotel.
Serve delicious dishes and create special events.
Be a good manager!
? Play as Ella, Cinderella’s sister
? Assist guests in the lobby
? Serve customers at the bar and in the diner
? Help the hotel staff renovate the rooms
? Explore 60 engrossing story levels
? Unlock delicious stories and fantastic fairy tales
? Dash through the dishes and keep the hotel clean
? Help a modern-day Cinderella get ready for the ball!
? 60 Time Management Story Levels
? 60 Story Levels
? Time Management Story Levels
? Engrossing Story Levels
? King of the Mice Village
? Epic Quest
? Help Cinderella Save her Family’s Dream
? Please do not edit description or tags manually.
? This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.
? The game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.
? The game can be downloaded for free on the App Store.
? The game can be downloaded for free on the Windows Store.
? The game can be downloaded for free on the Amazon Appstore.
? If you love the game, please send us an email and you will be added as a partner.
? The game is in beta!


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