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* Marker-based tracking: SwisTrack 2022 Crack is a visual tracking software package that is designed to track objects regardless of size or color. The tracking program uses an appropriate correlation method based on selected image intensities.
* SwisTrack video recording: The program enables one to record frame by frame data, video-size or JPG files.
* Video streaming: the program provides the option to stream the video image or to save the information to file.
* Trajectory representation: The data is represented as a series of sequences of images or video frames. The most useful application of this data representation is the extraction of information about the instantaneous velocity and acceleration of the object.
* PC and Windows XP compatible: The software has been tested to be working on Windows 2000, XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 7 platforms.

E.G.PTI is a Python module for estimating Time-of-Flight (ToF) with the help of an arbitrary Laser class object.
The laser-object-distance is calculated on the basis of the Temporal Change of the projected image of the laser-object-line on a camera image which is taken at a certain resolution and recorded by a frame grabber.

RLDhop, the Repeat Localization via Homing includes three variants. Each variant is a low-level unit.
Using an external “VisionOptics” IP camera, the target is located, and the correspondence with previous beacon positions or visual marks from an external trail and corner detector is determined.
The table of this RLDhop demonstrates the 6 tests, which have a varying resolution or a varying distance to the detected target. The tests have to be used to find the best fit to each event.
The best fit is demonstrated in the worst case in the plot and the resolution, the distance or resolution changes to the target is in the following lists.

Harmony is a macro for a Java based application. It is an auditory trigger macro for Swing-Input-Support to manipulate Swing by issuing certain chords. With a simple real-time click the chords are typed. The macro is designed to be triggered by a momentary controller or a normal controller.
The macro features a low velocity, harmonious sound with chord variations for every step within a second.

Imaginary Track is a comprehensive visual tracking/visual control software for robots.
The program is available for desktop computers running Windows 32, or a PC with Windows XP/2003/


SwisTrack is a fast and simple software for visual tracking and visual servoing.
With SwisTrack you can track moving objects (marker-less and marker-based) in a video sequence.
With a few clicks you can calibrate the system and start tracking. You can also calibrate the system online with the Web-Interface.
SwisTrack can run on Windows platforms, like Windows XP, and can use video files, like.mpg,.avi or.wmv.
Please Note:
SwisTrack is just a visual tracking and servoing interface, not a scientific robot tracking software.

OMG-Tracker is a free C# based project that is intended to be used for
tracking people and their motion.

It is aimed at the following tasks:
* vision-based human tracking with respect to static and moving objects.
* human detection and tracking.
* human detection and classification (foreground vs background).
* human body pose estimation.
* human gestures analysis.

2.3.3. Current Status
The following version of the software is available: June 9th 2012 – 2 binaries – latest C# and C++ builds. June 10th 2011 – Currently in beta version. April 11th 2011 – first public release. December 11th 2010 – initial developer’s release.

2.3.2. Bugs and Feature Requests
This list of bugs and feature requests contains topics that have been discussed in the mailing list. You can also look up existing or newly opened bugs on Github. Instructions for Submitting Feedback
You can see the instructions for how to report bugs and feature requests on the
discussion list. You can also use the online portal
if you want.

Note that all bug reports and feature requests submitted to the bugzilla system will be copied to the list mailinglist. If you have questions about the usage of the online bug tracker, please ask them on the mailing list or in

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SwisTrack is a free software for visual tracking and position capturing of moving objects using a camera and a USB interface for connection to a PC.
Besides the capability to set up specific predefined search tracks (laser pointers, dots) and pattern recognition of specific markers, SwisTrack is also capable to calculate and to print the trajectory of a moving object in a defined graphical representation.
This will be of special advantage when a new robot is equipped with a host computer and not only a camera.
A frame grabber of the camera will also be important for these cases, as it is much easier to get a picture frame with a frame grabber instead of getting video-recordings via a USB-link or a socket-link.
This can be done with so called video capture programs, such as the open-source gthumb, or the commercial software VLC.


Camera-based mobile robots
This application works fine with standard graphic digitizers, but the accuracy and speed of the position measurement is limited by the complexity of the used digitizer.
There are dedicated automated robotics products with a camera-based position-measuring system, such as DAQAI MindForge, offered by DAQAI, the company supporting research and development of mobile robots based on the Pepper platform.

Planar trackers
In the area of visual tracking of planar markers, SwisTrack is faster and more accurate than the ARK Trackers.
This is possible due to SwisTrack’s collision avoidance algorithms that enable it to perform tracking of the mobile device within the application’s boundary without stopping, while ARK Trackers have to stop in order to avoid collision.

Visual servoing
SwisTrack is the de facto software solution for visual servoing that enables online-processed position-measurement with a fixed accuracy and temporal resolution.

See also
Vision sensors


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What’s New In SwisTrack?

SwisTrack 1.0 has been designed to solve the problem of tedious time and motion consuming manual tracking tasks.
SwisTrack is fully integrated in the OpenGL scene, but can be also run as stand-alone application.
We were satisfied with the users and critics reaction. So far we have had more than 15,000 downloads of SwisTrack, and more than 600 users around the world.
With a large number of potential users, we had to solve some basic problems:
– Functionality
– Usability
– Integration into the OpenGL scene
SwisTrack has been written with a dedicated programming language, yet is still cross platform. Apart from OpenGL, it is also available for native C++, but Java and C# version is coming soon.
SwisTrack stands out from other available tracking software with a few improvements and additions.
– HumansEyeGlass Visual-Feedback for tracking control. SwisTrack can receive visual feedback from the camera, and can use it as reference for tracking. This is a unique feature in the tracking world.
– A comfortable input device, which will detect the position of the user’s mouse cursor. It calculates the angles between it and the viewing direction.
– The possibility to record the project, saving it on a DVD for a future project.
– The “Lighting Model” – lets the user create the light, making it adjustable.
– The “Neural Network” – lets you create a curve from the input data, giving you a steady the fastest pointing possible.
– HumansEyeGlass, defining the viewing direction, helps the user to easily control the object.
– Nodal Matrices, providing the user with a tool to make the distance determinable.
– The “Line Defined” feature calculates distances, and draws a line between the object and the user.
– The “Color Manipulation” Tool, to make the object’s color adjustable.
– The “Perspective Zoom” Tool, letting the user fit the view on the screen to get close or far away objects.
– The “Frame by Frame” Tool, letting the user get the position of the object on the frame.
– The “Line Rotation” Tool, giving the user control over the rotation of the object around the viewer.
– The “Line Scale” Tool, and the “Line Tilt” Tool, adding the possibility to zoom and rotate the line by moving the cursor.
– The “Transformation” Tool,

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