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Note: All components from the TMS VLC UI Pack can now be found here.
TAdvTreeComboBox is a development tool that can be implemented into software projects to facilitate a combobox with dropdown for end users. It's compatible with Delphi 7 and RAD Studio (10.2 Tokyo Professional, Enterprise and Architect, 10.1 Berlin, 10 Seattle, XE8-XE, 2010, 2009, 2007).
The downloaded package includes setup files for all Delphi and RAD Studio versions, along with demos. TAdvTreeComboBox features full keyboard support to navigate the treeview, where it's also possible to add imagelist pictures as well as to search for items automatically on dropdown.
As far as demo samples are concerned, you can explore advanced dropdown menu controls with memos, multiple columns, color, image and time pickers, calculator, detail control, and trackbar. Another demo has parameter controls for labels, checklists, treeviews and listboxes.
More examples are for a form layout, lookup combobox, editing, focus helper, spin edit, and curvy controls, among others. However, you can get a glance of everything in an HTML overview page.
Commercial licenses include the complete source code and can be purchased for a single developer or an entire license of unlimited developers (as long as they work within the same company). TAdvTreeComboBox can also be used from TMS Component Pack, a bundle made by the same developer.









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Version History:

0.8 – compatibility with Delphi versions up to XE7
0.7 – multiple columns support
0.6 – improved general performance
0.5 – support for AFX project files
0.4 – support for VCL versions up to 7.1
0.3 – support for VCL 7.0
0.2 – it was first released in

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“TAdvTreeComboBox Torrent Download extends the functionality of Delphi’s VCL treeview controls, including the listboxes, so that end users are able to select an item from the treeview by typing the name or any other information stored within. It is the result of extensive effort and testing to do the right thing: to be as fast as a listbox, support a keyboard control scheme and avoid bugs like the ones existing in the VCL treeview controls.”


This component has been built to work with Delphi 7 and RAD Studio, but it can also be used in other Delphi or RAD Studio versions.

Delphi 7:

Delphi 10 Seattle:

Delphi 10.1 Berlin:

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Professional, Enterprise and Architect:

Delphi XE8-XE:

Delphi XE8.0 Seattle:

Delphi XE8.0 PUT DSE:

Delphi XE8.1 Tokyo:

Delphi XE8.1 PUT DXE:

Delphi XE8.1 PUT XE:


TAdvTreeComboBox (aka TVC) is a development tool for Delphi and RAD Studio for a tree-like control with combobox dropdowns (aka dropdowns). TAdvTreeComboBox combines the semantics of a tree with the combobox controls, introducing an easy to use interface with extensive support for customization. It is a development tool to be used with features such as full keyboard navigation, imagelist pictures, image selection or caption addition, automatic tree browse, filter with user search, and so on.
TAdvTreeComboBox can be used in both forms and non-form app projects. It provides a VCL-compatible interface for three different kinds of controls: treecontrols, listboxes and comboboxes. The controls are customizable to the needs of the application.
TAdvTreeComboBox Features:
* Full VCL compatibility for a speedy desktop development
* Easy-to-use standard syntax to instantiate any control type
* Detailed documentation and a sample project
* Support for different fonts
* Many customization features
* Total customization through the use of class and style files
* Dropdown images (imagelist pictures)
* Support for 32bit imagelist pictures and multi-column images
* Inline images for adjustable size and scale
* Vertical image alignment
* Various feature improvements
* Support for multi-colums, dropdown arrow, dropdown arrow stretch, images of different sizes, and multiple columns
* Two modes of operation (on the fly and on the spot)
* Documented usage with step by step demos
* Keyboard support to navigate the treeview
* Support for mini tooltips, borders, and the ability to show the controls in the original form
* Support for full screen
* Form builder project
* Control of your own process and menu styles
* Fully functional api interface for customizing the controls and menus
* Code for all controls using the standard style sheet
* Support for external edit controls
* Support for interop
* Support for automation wizards
* Support for multi-selection and dialog control
* Supports Unicode and multi-byte characters
* Tested with Delphi 7, 7.1 and RAD Studio 7 and 10
* Supports all.NET framework versions starting from 1.0
* Support for all Unicode encodings such as UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, Latin, Windows-1252, Windows-1256

What’s New in the?

TAdvTreeComboBox is a dropdown control inspired from Windows explorer and TListBox. It has a treeview on the left side and a combobox in the dropdown, as well as standard edit controls and other common controls. You can use TAdvTreeComboBox on a form to show an hierarchical list of items, and to offer to the user the possibility to select one of the items from the right side.
– Right-click combo box to access selected/unselected items list.
– Select left side treeview to access selected/unselected items list.
– Enter multiple characters in edit box to search for more items in list.
– Show/hide the treeview on dropdown.
– Use imagelist as icons.
– Show/hide active item in dropdown.
– Use imagelist as focus helper.
– Use imagelist as color picker.
– Add/remove/move items of the list using buttons on top of listbox.
– Multi-select items in list.
– Use trackbar to scroll/focus for items in list.
– Allow to set text and focus color for treeview and combo box.
– Use/toggle/hide multiple columns in treeview.
– Use imagelist to fill/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Use imagelist to create/position items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.
– Adjust column width to accomodate treeview items.

System Requirements For TAdvTreeComboBox:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)
CPU: Intel i5
Ram: 8 GB RAM
HDD: 700 MB free space
Graphics: DirectX 11 video card
Controller: XBOX 360 Wireless Controller
Other: Some controllers don’t work so be sure to test on your own controller first
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