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TeamViewer V12 Crack Full Version Free

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Select multiple children and ancestors of nodes via XPath

Given the XML document below how do I select * > default > copyNode, along with its ancestors and children, the desired output being:

The XML is basically a directed acyclic graph of nested nodes.


This seems to do the job:

A couple of notes:

I always find it a useful idea to check at any given time what the actual structure of a document is, i.e. in your case that it’s a DAG. xpath 2.0 allows you to use the axis expression with respect to the XML namespace. So far, the axis expression does not support path variable names [1]. (This will change, though.)
Whenever you need to select based on the position in the document, you probably need an axis. This is not the case with your data where you select based on a node name.

As an aside: you’ve written the text you seek twice, which makes it a bit unclear what you really want to select.


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