“the children were mesmerized”  School District 81, Fort Frances, ON


“[It takes] a whole community, not just a school to educate our children well, and you and your group have provided a rich experience for them.”   Wainwright High School, AB


“Your program can have no rival in its far-reaching effect on audiences, students and teachers throughout Canada. It must work like ripples in a pond, reaching more and wider circles as it progresses.” Triad Concert Society, Port Moody, BC


“I cannot emphasize enough, the positive and lasting effects that your program will have on future generations of young people who crave exposure to quality, live performance.

To date, thousands of rural school children have been introduced to Janina Fialkowska’s artistry, which will serve to inspire and motivate them for years to come.” Joan Passey, Winnipeg, MB


“To see these great artists and great human beings giving unselfishly of themselves in the ‘cause’ of music and education is an inspiration to students, teachers and audiences alike. Bravo!”     John Hansen, Acadia University, NS


“Piano Six is a terrific gift to small communities. Personally, I think it is a wonderful

concept and I sincerely hope that the project grows.” Sandy Gartshore, Portage La Prairie, MB


“I cannot praise too highly the concept and the reality of your program. Andre Laplante has just given us a spine-tingling performance…”   Agnes Herbison, Nelson, BC


“Nous aimerions vous exprimer tre clairement combine votre organisme nous fit une

grace en permettant ce recital (de Marc-Andre Hamelin). Notre region ne se compare pas avantageusement aux grands centres et nore population est privee des contacts culturels et artistiques accessibles a d’autres…Meme la chaine culturelle de Radio-Canada ne se rend pas ici encore! Votre organisme si intelligemment concu accomplit donc un travail hors pair lorsqu’il permet l’ouverture et l’access la culture canadienne.” Dr. Jen Giroux-Gagné, Campbellton, NB


“I will remember it for as long as I live…I hope you (Janina Fialkowska) come back to Wainwright and play again.” Cecille Crossen, elementary school student, Wainwright,   AB


“As a small community without a lot of cultural events, we were delighted with the performance of Angela Hewitt last year… She transported us with her brilliance of technique, her incredible dexterity and musicality. She was also delightfully funny and inspiring at the afternoon concert for the children.” Agnes Matthias, Petawawa, ON


Angela Cheng made magic with the piano, and I am convinced that watching her perform changed my entire view of what a concert should be… Through her fingers, I saw her soul… she has changed the meaning of music for me.” Laura Dorosh, music student, Squamish, BC


These students did not just see or hear – the experienced this great music. I can’t do that in the classroom!   Sheldon Frissel, music teacher, Irma, AB


“The concert with Jon Kimura Parker was the highlight of our season. Mr. Parker’s skill and rapport with the audience made for an unforgettable evening. The children who came to the master class the next day had a tremendous opportunity to learn from one for the world’s best concert pianists. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”   North Peace Cultural Centre, Fort St. John, BC


“The precise technique and boundless energy Marc-Andre Hamelin demonstrated throughout his concerts left his audiences thrilled and excited. This was an experience many of us will be talking about for a long time.”         Tiger Hills Arts Association, Holland, MB


“When the last strains of her (Angela Cheng’s) gentle encore faded away, no one clapped for the longest time. No one wanted the magic to end.” Joanna Schwarz, Squamish, BC


“After one hour, when Janina announced she would play one more piece, a 7-year old boy stood up and shouted, “Five more!” It was a magical evening.   Marjorie Foxhall, Halifax, NS


It is rarely possible to extend such a warm and sincere recommendation to a group of artists. The Piano Six operation is one every Canadian should share. These six artists represent a level of achievement that is an inspiration to every Canadian who has had the opportunity of hearing their performances.”   Bramwell Tovey, Artistic Director, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra


“There has been tremendous impact locally as a result of our hosting an artist of Jon Kimura Parker’s calibre and great enthusiasm for hosting future Piano Six concerts.” John Hansen, Acadia University, NS


Vous trouverez ci-inclus un cheque de cinq cents dollars enguise d’appreciation pour l’immense bonheur que vous nou donnez en nous permettant d’acceueillir l’un ou l’une des six remarquables pianists qui ont si genereusement accepte de donner un recital dans les regions eloignees.     Audience member, Dalhousie, NB


“Wow” seemed to express it all.                       Doug Avram, Aylmer, ON


“She can come back and play ‘her’ piano anytime. Carol Grolman, Squamish.

Janina Fialkowska was one of three Piano Six pianists who played fundraising concerts in the 90’s, to help purchase a new piano for Howe Sound Performing Arts Association.


“He was really vibrant, and had lots of spirit.”           Bethany Kaster, Amulree, ON


“It was good. It was cool!” Julia Simons, Grade 6


“Andre Laplante is a phenomenal pianist. It’s amazing to be able to have this calibre of pianist here!” Joanne Smith, Tillsonburg


“[For his encore, Laplante played] a Bach Adagio, so simple and so simply played that it felt like a little moment of holiness.” Robert Neufeld, Nelson Daily News


“[Jackie Parker] He was having fun. And he didn’t just play classical music.” Melissa and Amanda, Gr. 7


“Pianist Jon Kimura Parker takes on the piano like a hockey player taking on a four-course dinner.” Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle-Herald, Halifax


The children “raved for days! Children in every age group shared the excitement. ” Lillooet, BC