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[convert2ps.exe] Convert [.bmp] [.ps] [.ai] [.eps] [.jpg] [.jpeg] [.png] [.tif] [.tiff] [.webp] or [.apng] [.bmp] to [.ps] [.ai] [.eps] [.jpg] [.jpeg] [.png] [.tif] [.tiff] [.webp] or [.apng]
A digital publishing solution. The program has become very popular among graphic designers, print shops and digital prepress houses. Graphic designers can easily create professional quality print projects without spending thousands of dollars for professional software.
Is your print shop big enough to make the investment for this software? If not, you are in luck! Tilen is included in the Shareware section of our site.
Tilen Requirements:
You will need access to a printer to view the final results of this software. This software is also available as a free, fully functional trial version.
– Requires Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
– Version: 2.0 / 2.3 (latest)
– 64-bit Only
– Report Bug

Convert2ps is an easy to use program for all of your professional photo editing needs! Edit your photos, change their colors and save them as either a file or as a
… See Full Description

Convert2ps is an easy to use program for all of your professional photo editing needs! Edit your photos, change their colors and save them as either a file or as a postscript or EPS file (when using Windows 7/Vista) to a more affordable and easy-to-use format! Features:
– Convert RAW files into edited, postscript or EPS files
– Supports JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF image formats
– Supports all Levels of Photoshop Plug-in
– Non-destructive editing (NO DAMAGE to photos), just OPEN and SAVE as needed
– Independent editions (features and functions) for JPEG, RAW and EPS files
– edit your photos by just clicking and holding on them (painless!), they get automatically pre-corrected before saving
– batch edition mode (Quick & Easy) in which you can quickly and easily edit and save all of

Tilen Crack + Serial Key 2022 [New]

This tool makes it easy to create and manage webpages with layout variations for both the homepage and header images by allowing you to create, adjust and test multiple different page layout options as you navigate through the dashboard.
With MojoPage you can be more productive by maximizing your website’s usability, creativity, speed, performance and even results. Your goal is to increase the web experience by giving your visitors an un-rushed and seamless online experience. MojoPage provides a framework for creating modern and fast webpages using the latest web technology.
The tool enables you to create sophisticated webpages with full page layouts as well as powerful variables (such as background-image, text, color, position) for anything on the page from background images and parallax scrolling to banners and other elements.
– Create Page Variables to use on your site
– Create and Adjust Page Layouts
– Make Advanced Styling Changes
– Tweak the Parameters of a Template
– Combine Page Layouts from Several Templates
– Cut and Paste Components and Variables
– Preview Templates with Variables
– Assign Variables to Pages, Components and Variables
– Randomize Colors
– Generate Pages Using Variables and Screens
– Split Page Layout Variations
– Responsive Web Design Preview
We are looking forward to your feedback.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@mojopage.com.

Bit-Blinder is a small tool developed to solve the ever-present problem of having too many windows (and by extension, files) open in your Windows Shell.
It can achieve this by hiding all other windows and filing from view, leaving only one window in full screen view.
What’s more, Bit-Blinder can use that window as a control over the position of every other window in your desktop! You can make specific windows cover specific areas of your desktop, plus show or hide them as you please. No more confusion over which files are open and where.
Full Screen
Assign The Key Window Controls To Specific Areas Of The Desktop
Hidden Window Settings
Custom Window Positions
Mouse Drag Interface
Multiple Window Locations

Open an image in Photoshop or any of your favorite drawing software, resize it. Save it. Now put it on your browser with your favorite browser. No problem. However it doesn’t display the image in its full size.
Here comes the magic. You

Tilen 2022 [New]

– Supports.jpg,.bmp, and.png files
– Optionally you can specify a width, height and file format
– Supports Windows, Linux, and macOS
– In the editor we have lots of custom buttons (see screenshot) which are all directly linked to the application (See image below). Also, the entire area can be resized.


Tilen allows you to convert large images into multiple smaller images called tiles, which are easier for computers to process and display. It is perfect for web, graphic and software developers with projects that require working with such large images, but need only to see small portions of them at a time.

Simply select the image you’d like to break into tiles. Then, set the desired width, height and file format of the tile images. Finally, click Save Tiles, select a destination folder, and away you go!

Give Tilen a try to see how easy it can be to slice up digital pictures into small thubmnails!

Language Support

Tilen includes language support in over 50 languages.

English – US/English – UK/English – India

French – France/Français – France

German – Deutsch

Italian – Italy/Italiano

Spanish – Español/Español – Espanol

Spanish (Castilian)- Español – Castilian

Swedish – Svenska/Svenska – Svenska

Russian – Русский – Russia

Portuguese – Português – Portugal

Portuguese – Brazil/Português – Brasil

Dutch – Nederlands

Danish – Dansk

Norwegian – Norsk

Polish – WŁASNEJ Polski

Czech – Čeština

Slovak – Slovenčina

Slovenian – Slovenščina/Slovenščina/Slovenščina

Turkish – Türkçe

Hungarian – Magyar

Ukrainian – Українська – Ukraine

Chinese (Simplified) – 简体中文 – 简体中文

Chinese (Traditional) – 繁�

What’s New In Tilen?


With multi-monitor support for desktop displays that are the same or similar size to your Mac, your options for arranging applications are reduced. But Tilen will allow you to build menus that will work on both screens as a single image.
Simply drag menu images to a grid of any size or position. The positions stay in place as you reposition your monitors, but the images move with the monitors. You can also drag icons into the images if you want the icons to change position. And rearranging the pictures automatically moves the icon images as well. The images also include a transparent background to allow multi-color icons.
A new feature allows you to group the images to make it easier to move them around. And if you want to create even more tiles, Tilen can handle resizing and combining images. You can also create thubmnails from the images to save your images if you desire.
Tilen – multi-monitor image organizer and thumbnailing application.


Tilen 2.0.1 (and below) are now distributed with a new Notification Center extension, Tilen Notifications, which allows users of the latest version to easily subscribe to features such as Calendar, Compass, and Alarm Notifications for your apps.

From the Tilen App, users can access the Settings pane to update account information. The pane includes fields such as service name, password, and email.

What’s New in This Release:

– #3046: Added capability to add a service account to a user account
– #3044: Fixed issue in version 2.0.0 where the user name could become corrupted with a space in it.
– #2935: When adding a new Tile to a user calendar, the default date is now set to today.
– #2932: Corrected issue with the complete name of calendar not matching the default calendar.
– #2928: Corrected issue where the service icon may not be visible in the preferences pane.
– #2926: Improved the installer to catch bad sized images.
– #2925: Corrected issue that would allow images of certain sizes to be listed twice in the preferences pane.
– #2924: Incorporated latest changes to the Notification Center extension, including syncing of Calendar, Compass, and Alarm Notifications.
– #2920: Allowing tiles to save to the selected folder now does not require admin rights.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor or faster
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon HD 6970 or better, GeForce GTX 460 or better
Storage: 40 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
How to Install:
– Unrar the downloaded file to a folder
– Run the install_000.exe
– Press “Next”
Note: This build is compatible with all known 6.x

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