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Cutting maching Tool Download – ToolingQ:

Combine the use of the glm link function with BMA regression

I want to run a hierarchical BMA model where the dependent variable is modeled by using a link function, but the BMA model fails to converge.
the glm link seems to work pretty well.
The problem is that when I use that approach the residuals are not normally distributed.
Is there a way to combine the two?
I need a hierarchical probit model where the first level is used to create the residuals and the second level is used to estimate them.


You could use the below code. Once you move your link over as glm’s (which is logistic regression), you can include in the brm to use the link with BMA. You can provide your own link function.
##library( brm )
library( gmodels )

## create sample data with your variables
## you would add the transformed variable for this code to be used on later
# y_trn Q:

How to access content of the email’s body via Gmail API

Gmail version: 2.1.2
I have successfully been able to read the message from my inbox and extract content for a certain email id and a certain date using the Gmail API, and display it in a web page.
The problem is I am trying to extract and use the content of the email’s body, not the message part but the actual body of the email.
Can anyone help me

This book offers 3,000+ new task pages with different subject-areas of application in a coherent and clearly structured format. Together with the full complement of more than 5,000 objectives, it is an extremely broad and detailed resource for the teaching of mathematics. With a good range of tasks, all the material can be used to meet all of the national requirements of the new ICT Maths for KS5.

The Study of Mathematics
David Watson



Best Android Books 2019

Blockbuster Reads: ITCA A Students Guide To The Development Of ICT In The UK 2017 Edition: ITCA A Students Guide To The Development Of ICT In The UK 2017 Edition PDF Best Android Books - Best Android Books 2019: Download Read Books Here Best Android Books 2019: The best books for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows. Read online and Download for free. Best Android Books 2019 - Download on Google Play The best books for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows. Read online and Download for free.from the wrong-place?

Published: July 22, 1999 12:00 AM

JUPITER – A PALM BEACH GARDENER was fired from his job for making a mistake while caring for a tree.

The 6-foot plant’s roots needed to be cut to clear space for an expansion of the farm. Larry Collins, 41, trimmed the roots using a chain saw, but instead of cutting them the entire width of the woody trunk, he apparently cut partway down instead.

A complaint by the owner, Fenno Brustlin, to the city’s Civilian Labor Board resulted in Collins’ termination Monday.

Brustlin said the mistake occurred three years ago.

“This was my own mistake, I should have stopped when I saw it,” Collins said. “I just don’t understand why my mistake caused so much trouble.”

Collins, who lives nearby, was at the Brustlin home to fix some broken fence posts. Before Collins began work, Brustlin noticed the roots and discussed the tree with him.

“He was a good tree guy. He was very knowledgeable,” said the Brustlin’s wife, Jenny. “He was a good, dependable person. The tree was in good shape and he said it would be fine.”

Collins trimmed the roots

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