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Universal Media Player is a media player originally designed to share audio, video and text files between Windows and Mac computers.
The program is a complete rewrite of the old version 5.6, which came with a bunch of issues and bugs. However, due to the overhaul, Universal Media Player 2.0 is a faster and more stable program than the previous one.
Features and Improvements
You might have noticed that the new Universal Media Player version is more tailored to your needs. This is a result of the program’s redesign and replacement for the previous version 5.6.
The file format compatibility is a solid improvement, allowing the program to play 99% of the current audio and video formats.
Some of the features the program is now able to implement are:
• More built-in codecs and equalizer presets.
• Online radio.
• More readable song titles.
• Customisable playlist.
• Multiple media library.
• Instant status bar display.
• USB device support.
The program also now has better audio and video quality. The integration of the multiple libraries feature, also, is much more user-friendly and convenient.
What’s more, the program comes with a minimized taskbar icon and a splash screen that can be disabled at your discretion.
The download is available for a single-core version, or a version for the Mac OS. As for the single-core version, the download size is approximately 350 MB.
In conclusion, Universal Media Player 2.0 comes with a polished user interface and plenty of advanced features. The program is the easy way to listen to music on your PC with Windows.
The program is less complicated than some other media players, which, in turn, means that the user has fewer technical issues to deal with.
This is really a problem for novice users, which is why the program is only recommended to professional users.
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Universal Media Player Free [Latest]

Universal Media Player is an open source video player which can play just about anything. With an intuitive interface, you can use it to manage both recorded and live streaming videos, using as much or as little UI as you need.
Features include:
– Multiple window support
– Multiple video and audio track support
– Multiple subtitle track support
– Scheduled playlists
– Multi-monitor support
– Fullscreen and windowed mode
– Audio/video sync
– DLNA support
– Extra features including Share target and search suggestions
Getting Started
– Download the Universal Media Player installer from the download page.
– Double click the downloaded installer.
– Follow the wizard’s instructions to install Universal Media Player.
– Open Universal Media Player from the main menu.
About Universal Media Player
Universal Media Player can play most of the videos you can download, streamed or stored on your computer.
It’s implemented in a clean and intuitive way, so you don’t have to download any browser plugins or separate third-party programs to play videos. Just start up the application, choose what kind of video file you want to play and enjoy!
Universal Media Player supports a variety of audio and video codecs, including AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MKV, VOB, MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, OGG, and 3GP.
Universal Media Player comes with a total of 40 different audio and video codecs built in. Simply choose the codecs that you need to play a specific video.
You can get the codecs from two different locations:
– The official Universal Media Player installation files provide everything you need to play almost any video file.
– On the official website you can find a broad list of codecs.
Universal Media Player also has pre-configured DLNA devices that have virtually unlimited playback choices. Using the built-in DLNA server, you can stream video to DLNA devices, such as a DLNA TV, audio player or media server, and more.
Universal Media Player is the perfect solution for streamers and video enthusiasts who want to share and watch content on a massive scale.
Some of the features that Universal Media Player supports include:
– Playback controls
– Automatic video conversion
– Download the installer from the download page.
– Double click the downloaded installer.
– Follow the wizard’s instructions to install Universal Media Player.
Universal Media Player comes with many codecs built-in, including

Universal Media Player Activation Code With Keygen Free

Utilize your Pocket PC with full, screen-sized video from any video source – even videos stored on your PC!
Universal Media Player is an application that enables you to download and playback videos from any source via your Pocket PC. You can browse through the directory, select a video file, and view it in full screen or saved memory, and it supports subtitles and closed captioning.
There are various options available for your video files, including playback, frames, audio (mono/stereo/dual), volume, and brightness.
■ Playback modes: normal, fast forward, fast reverse, slideshow, record slideshow
■ Ability to browse the installed video file directory
■ Plays videos stored on your computer
■ Supports subtitles and closed captioning
■ Supports FLV videos
■ Supports Xvid movies
■ Ability to record video from real time video capture device such as webcam
■ Supports all standard video formats
■ Ability to choose frame rate and playback speed
■ Ability to specify audio frequency, channel layout, volume level and mute status
■ Ability to specify brightness and contrast levels
■ Ability to save video to file for easy playback
■ Ability to view video by frame, channel or program
■ Ability to view captions and subtitles
■ Ability to save video to memory for later playback
■ Ability to zoom video
■ Ability to save video to disk or clipboard for later playback
■ Ability to hide unused features
■ Ability to specify the video codec used
■ Ability to perform several functions on multiple video clips simultaneously
■ Ability to perform functions with text, images, or a combination of text and images
■ Ability to capture images from video for later use
■ Ability to split video clips for easy viewing
■ Ability to bookmark video clips for later playback
■ Ability to create shortcuts to video clips for fast access
■ Ability to filter out video clips based on source
■ Ability to filter out video clips based on audio format
■ Ability to replace video clips with images of the same size
■ Ability to play video fragments
■ Ability to synchronize video clips with video and audio music
■ Ability to download video clips for later playback
■ Ability to

What’s New In Universal Media Player?

Universal Media Player (UMP) is a free media player for Microsoft Windows, it plays most media formats such as audio and video.
In addition to its media playing capability, it is a player for other applications like FTP, HTTP, SMB, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Remote Desktop (RDP), etc. It also has the option to render all multimedia formats (3GPP, 3gp, avi, wmv, asf, mov, mp3, wma, etc.) on screen.
The code is completely free to be distributed without any restrictions. Moreover, there is no need to register the product to make a free copy. You can also modify the UMP source code to adapt it to your needs.
Basically, Universal Media Player is a popular choice for people who are seeking a media player with all possible possibilities.
Supported formats:
► Video
◆ Video codec: 3gp, avi, mov, mp4, wmv, rm, xvid, x264
► Audio
◆ Audio codec: mp3, m4a, wma
◆ Audio encoder: AAC, AC3, eAC3, LAME, LML, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAVE
◆ Audio files
► Text
◆ Text codec: FLAC, WAV, WMA, MPG, MP3, OGG, AAC
◆ Text files
Simplified user interface
Let’s say that you already have a personal media collection in your hard drive and you would like to download a video from the web. Universal Media Player will assist you by making available a few presets with what you are looking for and the results are the same in all the cases.
Thus, you will gain access to a very robust and versatile media player that can accomplish any task that you have in mind, all with the aid of

System Requirements For Universal Media Player:

– Windows 10
– Intel or AMD Core i5-2500k @ 3.40 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 @ 3.2 GHz (3.4 GHz with AVX 2.0)
– NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD HD 7970
– 8 GB RAM
– 30 GB free space
– Headset
– TV with HDMI (720p+)
– Soundcard
– Keyboard and mouse
– 1280×720 HD display
– PC compatible power supply
– Optional: Windows 10 64-bit version


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