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SnowFighters is a fun, exciting, super realistic, snowball-battle with 4 players where you choose from 6 unique characters and battle it out in 4 rounds on 3 different maps. You face CPU versions of your opponents and each can be switched to a different team so you can have different strategies.Hydropsyche smaragdina

Hydropsyche smaragdina, the green-green bug, is a species of freshwater mayfly in the family Leptophlebiidae.

The IUCN conservation status of Hydropsyche smaragdina is “LC”, least concern, with no immediate threat to the species’ survival. The population is stable. The IUCN status was reviewed in 2017.


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Category:Insects described in 1906The present invention relates generally to computer-based methods for recording and displaying medical images of patient organs and tissues. More particularly, the invention relates to improved medical image processing methods for automatically rendering patient data, such as patient size, name and patient orientation within medical images.
Medical imaging technology, such as X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, digital subtraction angiography (DSA), and other modalities, are widely used to provide crucial health care information. These modalities have a plurality of image acquisition modes, such as single-image, series (video) image acquisition, and other modes. Different modalities are utilized to image different organs and tissues of a patient. Various organs and tissues can appear in the images of the modalities. Medical images are acquired by the modalities and then are stored in a database and/or are transmitted to a diagnostic workstation.
The modalities have image reconstruction software that can reconstruct an image from the acquired medical images. Some medical images are reconstructed to provide a series of images, such as video or series of images, of an organ or tissue in a patient. Other medical images are reconstructed to provide a single image of an organ or tissue. These series or single images are referred to as a medical image.
The medical image is typically displayed on a computer screen, printed on paper or transferred to an intermediate recording media. During diagnosis, a radiologist evaluates the medical image by visually comparing the acquired medical images to other modalities. The radiologist also may be presented with auxiliary medical information. That is, patient size information


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The best 10 games on Steam GreenlightBrian AshcraftOriginal gameplay that’s well-balanced and smartly designed.It Won’t Be Another Grindy Shooter TARG-It’s the closest Steam has to a traditional single-player role-playing game.

The result is that it’s just your run of the mill dungeon crawler but it’s executed extremely well. The RPG elements are there, but never overpower the game itself. Instead it’s an enjoyable experience that’s quite easy to pick up and play. (By the way, you can play this with another person using split-screen as well.)

Developer Q2Games knew this about many different genres of games so the key to creating an immersive gameplay experience. The three classes are most likely enough to put anyone of any genre, genre including RPG, into a comfort zone but if you’re the type who wants to get up and explore and see the world from a different perspective, this is a good game for you.

It’s simple and easy to get the hang of but doesn’t become as easy to play as the simplicity may make it sound. My biggest problem with this game is that it’s not nearly as exciting as it’s been advertised to be.

Though you do find quite a few different loot drops but to be honest this game looks quite simple with all of its features. That said, you do find that there are more things to interact with as you explore your way through the different levels and you can find some of the loot on your first attempt, but you’ll still have to collect a lot of it first.

Overall it’s a decent RPG with some cool items and a decent premise to keep you playing. It does have the ability to hook you if you’re a fan of role-playing games and for that I would definitely recommend it.

Good or bad?

“Loot-driven” This doesn’t sound all that bad to me, since the vast majority of RPG’s are this way. But, you are still supposed to be the one deciding what the best loot you find is, and not just let the game randomly decide for you.

“Combat” I liked this part a lot better than the first, but there was still a lack of interaction. Most of the time, my character would just line up in a very specific order and let me do all the attacking. I really liked this part. But I also would have liked a few more


What’s new:

:” “God helps those who help themselves.” “I don’t see how the two can be separated.” “Have courage.” “You have a good husband now.” “He’s away from her, that’s the simple truth.” “The odd thing is, the more I breathe, the more my chest feels like a box of nails.” “You must rest.” “How long?” “They’ll wait.” “ANOUK:” “Why won’t you eat?” “I don’t understand it.” “She must’ve made something.” “It’s not burned.” “There’s some sort of place over here.” “I’ll go outside with… with cigarettes.” “What are you writing?” “She hasn’t returned.” “I’ll write her a letter.” “No!” “Say nothing till she’s here.” “SARAH:” “I want to say how well Momma is.” “My mother has a whole room to herself.” “ANOUK:” “I’m afraid now.” “Don’t.” “You’ll make me sick again.” “MRS. COULTER:” “How’s the chest?” “She loved my little country chest.” “Would you get me something to eat?” “Of course.” “There’s some soup for you.” “What happened?” “Nothing happened.” “I just thought he shouldn’t be alone.” “Have some soup.” “Here.” “I wonder if she’s sorry.” “Takes so many things for granted.” “Like you and not being sick.” “Everything was so much easier before.” “Not eating.” “You had the worst flu we’d ever had.” “Stick your head out.” “I’m going to fix the bed for you.” “You’re just not well enough to go out, yet.” “I’ve a promise.” “Will you come?” “I have to write a letter.” “Don’t you have lots of other things to do, besides writing to your mother?” “I suppose I do.” “But I’m not responsible to anybody else, am I?” “You’re the first person I’ve written to all summer.” “And I could never think of writing to my own mother.” “I’m so glad we have so much in common.” “I wonder if you should be alone.” “It’s your faith, and goodness.” “It’s all part of you.” “Come on.” “Of course, you must go.” “It’s almost dawn.” “You came back.” “Never can sleep.”


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Normal Lost Phone is an interactive fiction experience inspired by the Best Text Adventure since 1999: FTL. A mobile phone exists in the year 2021. One day, it just disappears. It was lost.
Key Features:

Digital Art: We reimagined the classic text adventure graphics. You’ll travel with a cell phone as it’s received messages, takes photos and videos, reads emails, and logs callers, with pixel art graphics. Every second of this game is a teaser, a hint, a nudge, a question, and an answer.

Atomic Dialogue: This is the first mobile text adventure to implement a conversation-driven story with distinct characters, each of whom has a unique way of speaking to the player. You’ll navigate puzzles and conversations with each character and take part in a story about memory, intimacy, and loss.

Puzzle Exploration: We’ve taken the classic point-and-click gameplay and heightened it to a beautiful new level with new mechanics, satisfying and meaningful choices, and the narrative to back them up.

Multi-player: You can play this game with a friend, with bots you’ve created, or with a puzzle bot that will guide you through the campaign. In addition, you can talk to in-game characters with real people.

Fully Immersive: You can pause, pause without skipping or restart, speed through, and control the mouse with second-to-second accuracy.

User-Created Puzzles: Normal Lost Phone is fully customizable. You can create your own puzzles, from short ones that only last a few moments, to longer puzzles that will last for hours. You’ll earn clues as you solve the puzzles and the history of the cell phone will factor into your puzzle-solving abilities.

Support This Game: Normal Lost Phone is a labor of love and we have no interest in making money from this. If you enjoy the game, please leave a review and tell your friends.
Developed by:
Build Yellow and Plausible Interactive
Published by:
Publisher Website:



Last year we released the first version of Normal Lost Phone, a story-driven mobile text adventure game inspired by the classic point-and-click adventure text game category. The game received great


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