Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol3

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Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol3

This is just a preview of what we have to offer. We will update this site as much as possible. Go over to our Facebook and let.Seven Decisions in a Year

It’s hard to believe. I have been teaching 7th grade social studies this year and am now preparing for the end of the school year on June 3. That’s May 29, which means I have made 7 decisions in a single year!

Social Studies:

I Teach Continue

I have learned a lot about teaching this year. I know my weaknesses and strengths better than before. I am ready to move on to something new. I also feel like I’ve changed my teaching style a bit since I’ve become comfortable with what I’ve done. Most importantly, I have discovered my passion for teaching.

I won’t be teaching 8th grade social studies next year. In fact, I don’t know what I will be teaching in the fall. There are some exciting possibilities, though. Stay tuned for more information.


I Learned About Self-Publishing

I have learned a lot about self-publishing this year. I know more about it than I ever have before. I’ve spent a lot of time talking with author friends who have done some of the things I wish I had done. I’m not there yet, but I am making progress. I also learned that I have a lot to learn. There is a lot of information on self-publishing on the web, but the information often isn’t concise or easy to understand.

I Learned About Blogging

This year, I started my own blog. I made it a personal goal in the fall to write more and take my teaching to the next level. I was being more passive and knowing that I needed to be more active in the classroom. My blog was a solution to a lot of my problems. It is another way for me to communicate with my students and parents. It can help us talk to one another more effectively. It also gives me a place to share the things I’ve done or become interested in over the course of the year.


I Have Completed 7 Honorable Mentions and One Award

I’ve written 7 Honorable Mentions and one award. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I wish I

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3:12 Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol3
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Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.3 is a club record that manages to capture the. Breathe Deeply!. and the rest of the discs in the VDE series to make some raw.
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